Welcome to the Emerging Technology FLIPGRID Resource Center! Whether you are just getting started with Flipgrid, or are well on your way to becoming a Student Voice Ambassador and Grid Guide, here you will find everything you need in order to empower all learners and amplify student voice!

As we embark on this journey of remote learning with our students, I will be creating and curating materials on a page on this site dedicated to Remote Learning. Please click here or use the left navigation to move to this page. If you would like a specific resource shared on this page, please feel free to contact me on twitter @CMcKee27 or by email christine.mckee@ecsd.net

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact christine.mckee@ecsd.net

Flipgrid is a platform that gives all learners the opportunity to share their voice as they respond to, explain or demonstrate their learning through brief video responses to a variety of “Topics.” These responses are organized by topic, in “Grids” created by the Teacher, for easy viewing and access not only by the Teacher but by other students, as well! What is truly #magical about Flipgrid is that it amplifies ALL learners’ voices - even those who are hesitant or struggle to speak in class, possibly because of language barriers (English Language Learners), speech delays, anxiety, or reluctancy for whatever personal reason. Warning, #FlipgridFever is highly contagious especially once you see just how engaged and empowered students are by their ability to share their VOICE!