Scholarships and Grants

Scholarship opportunities will be updated as we receive new information in Student Services.

  • Please note that this list is in no way exhaustive.

  • There are many scholarship opportunities that do not come through Student Services. We want you to take an active role in your future and research other scholarship opportunities online.

Some online resources may include but are not limited to:

Scholarship Listings have been updated as of 1/31/23

Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship

Due 2/5/23

Information on the Florence Kidder Memorial Scholarship can be found at

All items must be uploaded by 2/5/23.

State Scholarships - First place - $3,000, second place - $1,000, third place - $800 and three fourth places - $400. The local chapter will give a monetary award to the Senior from Edgecombe-Wilson schools with the best essay.

  1. A completed application form answering all questions and supplying all requested documents. (Can be found on the website link above)

  2. An original essay of 500 to 700 words on the subject below.

2023 Essay Topic: Spotlight on Early Immigration

Our country owes so much to the different people who have immigrated. For your essay, choose a people-group (or even an individual person) who arrived prior to 1770 in any of the 13 original colonies of the United States and find out about their experiences. Some ideas are: Scots-Irish, Highland Scot, English, German, Dutch, Swiss, African, Caribbean, Huguenot, Presbyterian, Moravian, Quaker, Puritan, or any other group that you wish to highlight.

Be sure to describe:

- Group's characteristics (economic factors, beliefs, behaviors, etc.)

- From where they originated and why they left

- Their path of migration (point of entry, migration through the colonies, some of the places that they ended up)

- What conditions were like in their new location

- Any signs of their legacy in the present-day

- Your personal reactions to this information

Remember you must document from where you obtained a particular piece of information, including citations within the body of your paper and a list of works consulted at the end.

Jack C. and Hattie M. Williams Perseverance Scholarship

Due 3/31/23

Jack C. and Hattie M. Williams Perseverance Scholarship

What is the Jack C. and Hattie M. Williams Perseverance Scholarship?

This is an annual scholarship in honor of Jack C. Williams and Hattie M. Williams for their abilities to consistently apply a variety of tools to overcome and work through difficult situations while showing impeccable character. The scholarship will provide financial assistance to an eligible senior who attends a community college, 4-year university, or trade school who demonstrates determination and grit to achieve success while overcoming obstacles.


  • Received acceptance into college or trade school

  • Senior at SouthWest Edgecombe High School

  • Been accepted into an accredited institution of higher education or technical or vocational school.

  • Any student with a minimum weighted GPA of 2.5


Candidates for this scholarship must submit a typed essay of 1000 words or less that explains how he/she persevered through a difficult situation and maintained good character. Scholarships can be used at any institution of recipient’s choice and may be used at the student’s discretion. Scholarship winners will be announced at Senior Awards Night in May and recipients will receive a letter and a certified check from Lula W. Wallace.


  • Submit a resume that includes demographic information (name, address, telephone number, email), honors/awards, extracurricular activities, community service, and employment

  • Official high school transcript

  • Letter of acceptance from the accredited institute for higher learning, technical or vocational school

  • Essay: In 1000 typed words or less, please respond to the following question – How did you persevere through a difficult situation while demonstrating good character?

  • Submit the completed application package to Anna Gay, Counselor at SouthWest Edgecombe High School at Applications must be received by March 31, 2023.

Horatio Alger Association Scholarships

Due 3/15/23

The Horatio Alger Association provides financial assistance to students throughout the nation who have significant financial need and have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity.

National/State Scholarship Program is for Juniors. See link below.

Seniors can apply for specialized awards at the link below:

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc Scholarship

Due March 4, 2023

Please check your email for the attachments of this scholarship or hard copies are available from Mrs. Gay.

Attached is a copy of the scholarship application. All submissions must be made by March 4, 2023.

We are pleased to be able to offer three scholarships in the amount of $1,000 each.

The applicant must be a female candidate for graduation from an accredited high school in Nash or Edgecombe County.

The applicant should:

o exhibit high ethical and moral character

o have a minimum 2.5 GPA

o be a well-rounded student who is involved in clubs, sports, and other extracurricular activities

o have documentation of volunteer service in school, community, and church

You must have applied to college at the time of application submission.

Golden LEAF Scholarships

Due March 1, 2023

Award Amount - UP to $14,000

Minimum GPA of 2.5

FAFSA Completed

Plan to enroll in a NC public or private college or university

The 2023-2024 school year Golden LEAF Colleges and Universities Scholarship application will be activated on January 9, 2023. The student’s full application packet must be electronically completed and submitted with all required information/documentation via the application system by March 1, 2023, to receive consideration.

The website that houses information about the program, including eligibility requirements and the link to apply, can be accessed via the link below.

SECU Scholarship

Due to Mrs. Gay on February 28, 2023

Please see the email sent by Mrs. Gay with all the specifics of this scholarship. Attachments are included in the email!

SECU will award two ECPS students a $10,000 scholarship. Two SWE students will be chosen to move to the district level and the final two will be chosen by a scholarship committee.

SECU Foundation- People Helping People

Deadline: February 28, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. to Mrs. Gay

Award: $1,250 a semester for 8 semesters ($10,000) (2 - $10,000 scholarships will be given to ECPS students!)

Please review the SECU Foundation People Helping People Scholarship criteria below:

The committee will use the following criteria to award to scholarship recipients:

  • Is either an SECU member or is eligible for membership through a parent/guardian. Student or their parent/guardian must be a member at the time of application.

  • Is a senior at a North Carolina public high school who has been accepted to one of the 16 constituent campuses of the University of North Carolina System, copy of acceptance letter must be provided.

  • Is a US citizen and a resident of North Carolina under NCGS 116-143.1 and is eligible for in-state tuition.

  • Best exemplifies the “People Helping People” philosophy of SECU, and has demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity, and community involvement.

  • Demonstrates scholastic achievement with a maintained 2.5 or higher unweighted grade point average on a 4.0 scale and may be deserving of financial aid.

  • Will use the scholarship to pay for full-time undergraduate student tuition and fees.

  • Agrees to continue as a full-time student in good standing (maintained 2.5 or higher GPA) with the same university for up to eight (8) consecutive fall/spring semesters payable at $1,250 per semester. Scholarships are not transferable without prior approval of SECU Foundation. a. A written appeal for transfer must be made to the SECU Foundation prior to transfer. b. No transfers will be allowed to a university outside of the UNC System. c. Any gap in active enrollment will result in non-eligibility for funding for each semester missed.

  • Is not a director, employee, or family member of a director or employee of SECU or the SECU Foundation, or a family member of a member of the scholarship selection committee. For the purpose of this scholarship program and a student’s relation to a director, employee, or selection committee member, family member includes spouse, parents, siblings, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and spouses of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of a selection committee member, employee or director of SECU, or employee or director of SECU Foundation. Also, for the purpose of this scholarship program and a student’s relation to a director, employee, or selection committee member, family member also includes persons living in the same residence and maintaining a single economic unit as a selection committee member, employee or director of SECU, or employee or director of SECU Foundation. However, please note that the student must be a member of SECU or be eligible for membership through a parent or guardian at the time of application to be eligible for the scholarship.

The Links, Inc. Scholarship (Wilson-Rocky Mount-Tarboro Chapter

Due April 1, 2023

Please see the email from Mrs. Gay with the link for the fillable application.


  • must be attending an HBCU

  • must live in chapter service areas (Edgecombe, Nash, Pitt, Wilson)

  • US Citizen

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

Application must include:

  • completed Scholarship Application (see email from Mrs. Gay)

  • Official Transcript

  • One page essay - see email regarding specific details

  • Two letters of recommendation

Applications are due to by April 1st.

Mrs. LaVette Ford

3005 Ellsworth Drive

Greenville, NC 27834


Derrick Macklin Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Due April 30, 2023


  • identifies as an African American

  • US Citizen and current or former student in Nash or Edgecombe County

  • Meets financial need criteria


  • Minimum 2. 5 GPA unweighted

  • Two letters of recommendation

  • Proof of acceptance in post-secondary school

  • Provide color head shot of applicant

  • Complete online application

Application can be completed at

Charlie Adams Endowed Scholarship

Due: February 20, 2023

Charlie Adams Endowed Scholarship: Scholarship awards in the amount of $2500.00 each to

four (4) student-athletes meeting the established criteria. Information is available HERE.


1. Female, senior varsity cross-country athlete at an NCHSAA member high school.

2. Male, senior varsity wrestler at an NCHSAA member high school.

3. Must meet minimum NCHSAA academic eligibility requirements.

4. Clean disciplinary record during high school/athletic participation.

Clary Medal Awards

Due: February 20, 2023

Clary Medal Awards: Two $3000.00 scholarship awards are available to student-athletes

meeting the established criteria for the Clary Award. Information is available HERE.

1. Senior student-athlete participating on two (2) or more different varsity, NCHSAA sanctioned athletic teams during their high school career (9th - 12th).

2. Student-athlete must participate on a varsity athletic team during their senior year.

3. Must meet criteria as outlined above.

4. Cumulative un-weighted grade point average (GPA) of 3.2 or higher throughout high school academic career.

5. Clean disciplinary record.

Consideration given to the following criteria:

- Applicant must demonstrate excellence in athletic participation through awards, honors, and special recognitions.

- Applicant must demonstrate success in other, non-sport, extra-curricular activities.

- Applicant must demonstrate active involvement within their community through volunteer service programs, scouts, or other similar activities.

- Applicant must demonstrate a desire to excel in all areas of life - athletics, education, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, honesty and integrity.

Tri-City Chapter of Chums Scholarship

Due April 1, 2023

Applications can be picked up from Mrs. Gay.

Submit application and all supporting documents in one file by April 1 and email to

North Carolina Association of School Resource Officer Scholarship

Due: March 31, 2023

In 2018, the NCASRO Board of Directors established a scholarship fund to offer $4000 in scholarships to the students we serve and protect.

This year, NCASRO will select one high school senior from qualified applicants in each of its 8 regions, to receive a one-time non-renewable $500 college scholarship grant. The grant will be deposited into the selected student's financial aid account at the college or university of their choice. Eligible students must be high school seniors on track to graduate, a resident of North Carolina, have a minimum unweighted GPA of 2.5 and who are entering an accredited two or four-year college or university. Strong consideration will be given to financial need, but scholastic standing will also be very important along with participation in extracurricular activities, personal reputation, and moral integrity within the standards of NCASRO.

Please check your email for more info and the NCASRO Scholarship Application Packet which includes the application guidelines. Completed packets must be received by this committee no later than March 31, 2023.

See Mrs. Gay for copies!

Edgecombe Community College Hartwell Fuller Scholarship

Due: April 21, 2023

The Dr. Hartwell H. Fuller, Jr., Endowed Merit Scholarship is established to provide educational funds for worthy students attending Edgecombe Community College, Tarboro and Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Qualified students receive assistance in the form of a scholarship grant.

The Fuller Scholarship Program, the most prestigious scholarship package at Edgecombe Community College, provides an educational opportunity for talented men and women. This merit-based scholarship includes the full in-state cost of an Associate’s degree, including tuition, books, and a laptop computer.

Two Fuller Scholars, entering as first-year students, are named each year:

One in Health Sciences, valued at $9,000 (total package).

One in College Transfer, valued at $6,000 (total package).

Selection Criteria

Recipients of the scholarship must have a 3.5 grade point average (weighted) for their four years of high school.

Recipients should have been involved in extracurricular activities during their high

school career.

Check your email for more info and application or see Mrs. Gay!

Robert E. Barnhill, Sr. Scholarship Fund

Due: March 24, 2023

High-school graduate who is a North Carolina resident and is attending a college or university. Considered are leadership potential, community involvement, physical vigor, academic achievement and financial need. Special consideration is given to employees/relatives of employees of Barnhill Contracting Company. **ESSAY PROMPT: Describe an experience that has had a significant impact on your life and then explain why you are applying for the Robert E. Barnhill, Sr. Scholarship.

Apply at

Due Date March 24, 2023

Elizabeth Braswell Sheffield Scholarship

Due: March 10, 2023

Graduating seniors from an Edgecombe County high school who have been accepted at a college, community college, university, or other qualified institution of higher learning. High character, pleasing personality, cooperative, leadership exemplified by student's school life and interaction with others, academic standing or athletic ability, financial need and work experience are factors that will be considered in the scholarship selection.

Apply at

Due March 10, 2023

Mary Ferebee Howard Scholarship

Due: Not updated on site; will update when date is posted

A graduate or graduating senior from an Edgecombe County high school or a resident of Edgecombe County who is pursuing a degree at an accredited institution of higher learning (such as a college, university, community college, or technical school) at the undergraduate or graduate level. Applicants will be judged on character, well-roundedness, and potential for future achievement.

Apply at

McBryde Scholarship

Due: March 10, 2023

Carolina, public or private, including Edgecombe County specialty schools such as charter, early college and institutions awarding GEDs, as well as home schools and Edgecombe County resident students who by reason of legislation attend public schools in a different county, specifically Rocky Mount-Nash County schools. Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic performance, character and demonstrated need. Consideration also may be given for extra-curricular activities and service to others.

Apply at:

Due March 10, 2023

Superintended Lee R. Hall and Lavelle Parker Hall Scholarship

Due: March 10, 2023

Scholarship recipients must be graduating seniors from Southwest Edgecombe High School and North Edgecombe High School who are pursuing higher education at a qualified institution of higher learning. Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic performance, character and demonstrated need.

Apply at

Due: March 10, 2023

NC Child Support Scholarship

Due: March 24, 2023

The North Carolina Child Support Council is a non-profit organization of Child Support Professionals, the Judiciary, and others involved in the Child Support process. Each year the Council sponsors four (4), $1,000 scholarships in memory of Bob R. McGuire. Mr. McGuire was an advocate for the program in both the public and private sectors. This year’s winners will be presented scholarships during the Opening Session of the North Carolina Child Support Conference to be held in August 2023.


1. At least one parent must be a member of the NC Child Support Council OR a client of the Child Support Program

2. GPA of C or higher and must have been accepted to a college or university

See Mrs. Gay for application and more info!

Delta Kappa Gamma

Due: March 1, 2023

The Delta Kappa Gamma Grant-in-Aid of $500.00 will be awarded to an

outstanding female from an Edgecombe County High School who is planning to attend

college to become a teacher. The qualities the committee will be looking for in a

candidate will include character, scholarship, citizenship, and school and community


The applicant is asked to attach a photograph of herself to her application. An

official high school transcript along with SAT and/or ACT scores should also be

included. No information on any applicant or reasons for the selection of the recipient of the grant will be released.

The applications are due by Wednesday, March 1, 2023. See Mrs. Gay for an application.