Moti Michaeli


I am a senior lecturer (with tenure) at the Department of Economics of the University of Haifa.

I obtained a Ph.D. in economics and the study of rationality from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 2015 and was a Max Weber postdoctoral fellow in economics at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy, in 2014-2016.

I have published in top field journals such as the Economic Journal, the Journal of Public Economics, the American Economic Journal: Micro and Games and Economic Behavior.

My main research interests are Political Economy, Social Economics and Law and Economics. In particular, I study the underlying psychological and behavioral mechanisms that drive social, political and legal phenomena.


Department of Economics, University of Haifa

199 Aba Khoushy Ave.

Mount Carmel, Haifa

Israel 3498838



The Vanishing Trial: A Dynamic Model with Adaptive Agents

(with Yosef Zohar)

Public Choice (2023): 1-22.

Civicness Drain

(with Marco Casari, Andrea Ichino, Maria De Paola, Ginevra Marandola

and Vincenzo Scoppa)

Economic Journal (2023), 133(649), 323–354.

Fighting Polarization with (Parental) Internalization

(with Jiabin Wu)

Journal of Economic and Behavior Organization (2022), 194(11-12), 124-138.

On Measuring Welfare ‘Behind a Veil of Ignorance’

Social Choice & Welfare (2020), 56(1), 57-66.

Grouping, In-Group Bias and the Cost of Cheating

Games and Economic Behavior (2020), 121, 90-107.

Prescriptive Norms and Social Comparisons

(with Daniel Spiro)

Games (2018) [feature article], 9(4), 97.

From Peer Pressure to Biased Norms

(with Daniel Spiro)

The American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2017), 9(1), 152-216.

Norm Conformity across Societies

(with Daniel Spiro)

Journal of Public Economics (2015), 132, 51-65.

Riskiness for sets of gambles

Economic Theory (2014), 56(3), 515-547.

Working Papers

The Dynamics of Revolutions (with Daniel Spiro)

[Revision requested from Journal of Public Economics, Jan 2022]

On the Coevolution of Individualism and Institutions (with Israel Eruchimovitch and Assaf Sarid)

[Revision requested from Journal of Economic Growth, August 2022]

Non-Confrontational Extremists (with Daniel Chen and Daniel Spiro)

[Revision requested from European Economics Review, Sep 2022]

Legitimizing Policy (with Daniel Chen and Daniel Spiro)



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