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Welcome to the ECM Interest Groups!

No man is an island... We all have our unique culture, characteristics, circumstances, but we are still drawn to community, to share our dreams, aspirations, challenges or interests with like-minded others.

At ECM, we want to provide a space for us to grow closer as a family, to spend time with one another, to foster conversations, discussions, prayer... and who knows what breakthroughs that might lead us to? What friendships can be born out of it? How much will we grow in knowledge, in fellowship, in courage?

Welcome to the ECM Interest Groups, a place created for you, designed by you and your group as uniquely as you wish, with the goals, format and topics that you choose. Our facilitators will help guide and organise the group but, ultimately, each group will reflect the wishes and objectives of its participants.

The Groups

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Children's Ministry

Which materials to use, children with learning difficulties, children of all ages in one small group, how to still be involved in the main service whilst in children’s ministry, ideas for activities and events not just on Sundays or “gospelling” the hearts of children are just some of the areas that might be discussed within this group.

If you are looking to meet with people with the same love for children’s ministry, with similar needs or struggles, or you just want to have an environment to share ideas and pray together, then this is the group for you!

Liljana Kercmar

Youth Ministry

The fast-changing world in which we live provides so many challenges and opportunities to our teens today, but how -as leaders involved in this ministry- do we best address them? How do we consistently provide quality programmes and discipleship, and keep sane in the process?

The need for improvement and support, and to share stories of joy and sadness never ceases and our possibilities for growth continue. If you want to be part of an environment to spur you on in ministry, to receive and give often much needed support and prayer, then come and join us!

Lydia Cockram

Art/Music Ministry

An opportunity to meet with like-minded musicians and artists who share a passion to connect with people through the arts to share the love of Jesus.

If you desire to collaborate or share ideas and materials with others across geographical boundaries, pray for and support one another, then this group is for you!

This is a peer-led group where everyone is welcome, whether you are already involved in this type of ministry or investigating the possibility of doing so. It provides a new opportunity for support and encouragement, brainstorming, sharing resources and maybe new projects together!

Delyth Sutton

Social Action

Hours spent each week at food banks, helping out families in desperate need of physical help, using counselling or rehabilitation to help people move forward in their lives... and yet your heart’s desire is that these same people also come to know and experience for themselves the love of Jesus.

Is this you perhaps? Maybe not exactly, but you long to reach out in a practical way to those around you, to show them the love of Jesus in action, not just words.

Come and participate as we look at resources available to encourage and challenge each other, and come to pray for one another as we seek to support one another on the journey.

Jennifer Anderson

Fundraising (MPD-Ministry Partnership Development)

With God as the driver of mission, how can it ever lack funds? And yet…

If you want to be part of discussions about networking, reciprocal partner relationships with your supporters and how to discover together how to develop a better fundraising base, then come along.

You may work with fundraising or simply be struggling to be creative in establishing a fundraising partnership with others. Together we are stronger and better equipped as we share ideas, pool resources and seek to support and pray for one another in this journey we are all on.

Andrew Blackwell

Mentoring /Coaching

What is the difference between mentoring and coaching? How can I start these relationships of coaching? What is the importance of asking good, reflective questions, both inside and outside of the church? Can we use our conversations well to uncover lies and sow God’s truth in others? How can we learn to be better listeners?

If you are interested in being part of a discussion about these and other issues, or just want to feel supported in this area of ministry and receive wisdom and prayer from people like you, please come and find out more.

Sebastian Forjan

Missional Communities

What is a missional community? How can we be better equipped to reach out to those in our neighbourhoods? How can we better understand our contexts around us to reach them with the good news?

Do you want to share your encouragements and challenges and hear from others on the same journey? Maybe together there is an opportunity to clearly hear what God is saying to this generation. If you want an opportunity to share ideas, to be challenged, supported, and pray with others who are looking at new expressions of how to reach out to those around them, come and join us.

Edgar Alvarez

Theological and Missional Studies

What is the role of theological reflection within our mission? How are we equipping one another, both at the start of our ministries and along the way, to be able to stop and reflect on what God is saying and doing in our lives and ministries? Does your heart yearn to really consider what the Bible says about our current contexts from a missiological perspective? How can we apply pastorally all our studies into our individual contexts in a very practical way?

If these or reflections like them really excite and drive you, then come and join the discussion and prayer together as we seek to continually be challenged by God.

Marc Van Eijden

Preaching & Teaching

Whilst all of our work includes the teaching of the scriptures at some point, there are some of us whose interest in the communication of God’s word is more relevant to our schedule.

Whether the congregation numbers thousands or only one disciple, the practice of “rightly handling the word” can be a solitary challenge. This group would encourage fellowship, helpful advice and ideas, book recommendations and suggested example sermons for review and helpfully positive evaluation.

eter Knowlson


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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up,
just as in fact you are doing."

(1 Thessalonians 5:11)