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Scholastic Book Club

Dear Families,

We want your child to be a successful reader—and for that, we need your help. When children choose their own books to read for pleasure, they enjoy reading more and spend more time doing it. The more your child reads, the better they will do in school and in life.

Scholastic Book Clubs flyers are made for you and your child to shop for books your child will love to read. Each month, the flyers are filled with trusted, excellent quality, age-appropriate books chosen by Scholastic for prices as low as one dollar.

Plus you will be helping our class when you order: Scholastic matches each order you place with FREE BOOKS for our classroom to share. It’s the perfect way to build your home library and provide new books for our classroom library at the same time!

We truly thank you for anything you can order!


Mrs. Kyer

Mrs. Chavez

Two ways to order:

1. ) Order Online ----> Go online to:

Look up my name: Mrs. Kyer

Or enter our Class Code: H7C7G


2. ) Order with the Flyer ----> Check off the books you want to order for your child and return this flyer with a check or money order inside the zipper pouch of your child’s FROG Book. Thanks for your orders!!!

Below are links to two articles from the Conscious Discipline website. Please take the time to read them. They really do offer some great information . We wish you well! <3

Check out the YouTube videos below about Conscious Discipline. They lay out a great introduction to what conscious discipline is.

The Seven Powers for Conscious Adults

Power of Perception

  • No one can make you angry without your permission.
  • GOAL: To teach adults and children to take responsibility for our own upset.

Power of Unity

  • We are all in this together.
  • GOAL: To perceive compassionately, and offer compassion to others and to ourselves.

Power of Attention

  • Whatever we focus on, we get more of.
  • GOAL: To create images of expected behavior in a child’s brain.

Power of Free Will

  • The only person you can change is you.
  • GOAL: Learning to connect and guide instead of force and coerce.

Power of Acceptance

  • The moment is as it is.
  • GOAL: To learn to respond to what life offers instead of attempting to make the world go our way.

Power of Love

  • Choose to see the best in others.
  • GOAL: Seeing the best in others keeps us in the higher centers of our brain so we can consciously respond instead of unconsciously react to life events.

Power of Intention

  • Mistakes are opportunities to learn.
  • GOAL: To teach a new skill rather than punishing others for lacking skills we think they should possess by now.