How it Works: Circuits

Simple Circuit (light with switch)

Switch Design

Series and Parallel Circuit

Programmable Circuits

Circuits Possible Projects

Simple Circuits with Makey Makey by Colleen Graves


Flashlight Design

Leprechaun Traps

Paper Circuit Greeting Cards


Design a City

You might create the Los Angeles of 2030, or a city that builds itself on Mars. The future is powered by your imagination, and when we work together we changes the world. Explore civics, design, and civil engineering as we create human spaces together using Circuits, 3D Design, and Programming.

Designing human spaces for real people makes Design Thinking more accessible for students. The connection between people and their spaces is measurable, literally.

One of the biggest learning goals for this STEAM lesson is " We are able to listen to others and include their needs in our plans." Because the E in STEAM stands for Empathy as well as engineering