ProjeCT Raise

Raising every boy in India to be gender equiteable

Project Raise is a national collaborative of civil society organisations, funding organisations, intermediaries and government institutions who are committed to the social outcome of raising Gender Equitable Boys.

We invite you to become a member.

WHY DO WE NEED TO Raise gender equitable boys?

There are approximately 230 million men in India under the age of 18. According to our estimates:

  • 57% of men aged 15-19 justify violence against women
  • 50% of men have either used or are likely to use physical violence
  • 25% of men have either been involved in rape or are likely to be
  • Fewer than 5% organisations working to end violence against women engage men

Boys will continue to grow up to be violent and discriminatory until civil society organisations implement programmes that raise boys to be gender equitable. If we want to achieve the 5th sustainable development goal of gender equality, we must include boys in the solutions. There is a need for collaborative action across the country to bring about a systemic change.



If you are considering to include boys in your work towards gender equality, or you are looking for proven programme materials and evidence on this approach, or you are seeking support to plan your own initiative, or you want to share your expertise with other organisations, Project Raise is for you.

WhAT DOES Project Raise OFFER members?

Access to resources such as curriculum and monitoring and evaluation tool kits that you can use to plan and start raising Gender Equitable Boys.

Training through webinars and workshops to help you on your journey.

An opportunity to connect with, learn from and inspire other organisations.

Increased visibility for your organisation's work and resources.

Collective impact and data that you can use for advocacy.

Further details are available on this link.

what does project raise not offer?

Project Raise does not offer any funding to the members of the collaborative. It offers basic training in fundraising for the approach of raising of gender equitable boys; and it offers a network that members may be able to raise money from, but no direct funding.

who can become a member?

Membership to Project Raise is open to any organisation that works towards gender equality and believes that gender equitable boys are key to achieving it. You may be working with boys already or you may be thinking about it or you are just interested to know more about the approach. You are welcome to join.

WHAT are the expectations from members?

Project Raise members are expected to:

  • agree with the need to raise Gender Equitable Boys.
  • actively participate in peer-learning sessions and webinars
  • consider delivering programmes that raise Gender Equitable Boys.
  • collaborate and contribute to the data and resource pool for collective impact at local, regional and national level.

how to REGISTER your interest and find out more

Click on this link to register your interest in Project Raise and find out more.

Our team will be in touch with you soon.

If you have any questions about Project Raise, kindly email us at

Project Raise is a collaborative initiated by Equal Community Foundation.