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About the Athletic Trainers

Our athletic training staff treats the sports injuries that occur among our 25 athletic programs and 56 teams. The staff performs 500 injury evaluations and over 4,000 injury treatments each year and includes two full-time athletic trainers, Rowan athletic training students, and school physicians. What's an athletic trainer?

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Ms. B has worked at Eastern since 2017. In undergrad, she studied Athletic Training at Rowan University and then attended West Chester University where she obtained her Master’s degree. She is also a preceptor for the Athletic Training Education Program at Rowan University.

Mr. Christy earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Rowan University and began working at Eastern in 1994. He also is an adjunct instructor and preceptor for the Athletic Training Education Program at Rowan University. He is a former President of the Athletic Trainers’ Society of NJ.

Ms. Thompson is a fifth-year athletic training student at Rowan University working toward obtaining her master’s degree in athletic training and will graduate in May 2020. She grew up in Glassboro, New Jersey and graduated from Glassboro High School in 2015. Ms. Thompson served on the Rowan University Athletic Training Club executive board as Vice President and was a part of the Rowan University Women’s Club Soccer team for two years. Ms. Thompson’s favorite holiday is Thanksgiving and enjoys baking, shopping, and watching football.

Ms. K is a third-year athletic training student at Rowan University. She hopes to graduate in 2022 with her master’s in athletic training. Ms. K graduated from Shawnee High School in 2017. At Shawnee, she played volleyball all 4 years and played club volleyball for SJVBC in the winter. After high school she became a vet tech with a mobile vet company and likes to help with the health and wellbeing of our pets. She likes to foster kittens from AWA in her free time to make sure they stay healthy and find happy homes. Ms. K prefers the fall season for family, football, and Halloween. Also, coffee is her best friend, at any time of day. So, to sum her up in two words it’s cats and coffee.