EBT Student links

EBT teachers use a variety of online tools for communication, resources, academic support, and assessment. Links are provided below to the primary tools students will use.

Google logo

EBTBrooklyn.com GSuite

Click on Google icon and log in to find Gmail, Classroom, Meet and other Google apps.

Log in using full ebtbrooklyn.com address; make sure to include the "@ebtbrooklyn.com" portion. Once you log in, use the Google apps "checkerboard" in the upper right corner of the screen to find apps,

If you have never logged in, your email address is your full first name and the last three digits of your OSIS number. Remove any spaces from your first name. For example, if your name is Ana Marie Estevez, and your OSIS is 123456789, your email is anamarie789@ebtbrooklyn.com. Your default password is "brooklyn" (enter without quotes).

Yearbook 2021

Seniors: Click here to access the links to upload your photos for 2021 Yearbook.

JupiterGrades logo

Use Jupiter to check your homework, attendance, grades and to get in touch with your teachers. This is how the school communicates with you!

Castle Learning logo

Castle Learning provides practice questions for all major subjects.

Naviance College & Career Readiness Software logo
Quizlet logo

Study Any Topic

Khan Academy logo

Any Topic Videos or Exercises

DeltaMath logo
Practice Math
AP: Albert.io logo

Practice AP Questions

nearpod logo

Interactive Engaging Lessons

remind message software logo

Class Messages Directly In Your Phone

Quizizz logo

Fun Classroom Quizzes

Kahoot! logo

Look Up and Play Games Together

Newsela logo

To Read Non-Fiction News in different reading level along with quiz for comprehension

Zippia, the Career Expert, logo

Job search tool for high school students

Class Craft learning adventure logo

Learning Adventure

Class Dojo logo

Positive Class Management