The High School for Enterprise, Business and Technology (EBT) Located in Brooklyn, NY, USA

Principal: Holger Carrillo

Mission: We believe that all students can achieve academic excellence. Teaching them to be responsible and productive citizens and preparing them to participate fully in the world they will face after graduation are essential components at EBT. The entire school community is committed to ensure the student's cognitive, creative and social growth. In partnership with universities, corporations and community organizations, students will have the opportunity to experience the world of work.

What is going on at EBT?

EBT Bell Schedule

Period (Time)

1 (8:00am-8:47am)

2 (8:51am-9:38am)

3 (9:42am-10:31am)

4 (10:35am-11:24am)

5 (11:28am-12:17pm)

6 (12:21pm-1:08pm)

7 (1:12pm-1:59pm)

8 (2:03pm-2:50pm)

9 (2:54pm-3:41pm)

10 (3:30pm-4:16pm)

Modified FRIDAY

Period (Time)

1 (8:00am-8:34am)

2 (8:37am-9:11am)

3 (9:14am-9:48am)

4 (9:51am-10:25am)

5 (10:28am-11:02am)

6 (11:05am-11:39am)

7 (11:42am-12:16pm)

8 (12:19pm-12:53pm)

9 (12:56pm-1:30pm)

Teacher PD (1:35pm-2:50pm)


EBT Announcements

School Photos

EBT Photo Gallery

Where is EBT?

850 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211 USA

Tel: (718) 387-2800

Fax: (718) 387-2748


B24, B43, B48, B60, Q54, Q59


L to Grand St

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