Mrs. Languirand's First Grade

Dear Parents,

Welcome to first grade! First grade is an important year for your child because it sets the foundation for your child’s future. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a note or schedule a conference. Communication is very important.

Please fill out all of the forms in the Work Packet that was sent home today. You do not have to sign the packet. Make sure you sign the pages in the blue FHAE Handbook that require a signature. The packet will also be used to send home student papers every two weeks. You will need to sign the packet then.

Make sure your child brings all of his/her supplies no later than Monday.

Homework Folders

Your child will bring a Homework folder home Monday through Thursday. After your child does his/her homework, please check it and sign your name by the correct day. Please read with your child daily! Reading is very important for all subject areas. I will check homework each morning. If your child does not return the homework, he/she will miss recess.


A conduct sheet will be sent home daily on the homework sheet. You will sign it at the bottom on Friday. Please make sure you return it on Monday. We have a behavior chart in class. The colors and consequences are as follows:

Green (A) = excellent behavior, treat on some days

Yellow (A-) = warning

Blue (B) = 1 x on conduct sheet

Orange (C) = 2 xs on conduct sheet

Red (D) = note or phone call home, 3 xs on conduct sheet

White (F) = note or phone call home and xs put on conduct sheet

Fridays the xs will be counted for the week and a conduct grade will be recorded with each x worth 5 points.

Please save and send in Community Coffee labels and Box Tops for Education.

Together, we can make this a very successful year for your child. Thank you in advance for all of your cooperation!


Mrs. Languirand