REG Life Sciences, LLC

A subsidiary of Renewable Energy Group (REG)

South San Francisco, California

REG Life Sciences is commercializing industrial biotechnology processes that provide cost-competitive, renewable alternatives to petroleum-based chemicals, fuels, and other products to our customers. At the core of our technology are biological catalysts engineered to selectively convert abundant, renewable feedstocks directly to drop-in, advantaged and innovative products.

Interns are given the opportunity to be temporarily integrated into a biotechnology company such as REG Life Sciences and learn industrial work flows, strategies and thinking. The intern will be supervised by an experienced industrial scientist and will be part of the metabolic engineering team. The intern will use state-of-the-art synthetic biology and metabolic engineering techniques and will be working on a project related to the microbial production of fatty acid derivatives using our highly engineered Escherichia coli platform strains. The goal of the intern project will be (i) to improve production of an existing fatty acid derivative, or (ii) to carry out proof-of-concept experiments to produce a novel fatty acid derivative, or (iii) to develop technology to accelerate our metabolic engineering & synthetic biology platform.

Anticipated number of internship positions: up to 2