Term 4

Week 5


Notes From the Principal

15 November 2019

Kia ora koutou

Reunification Drill

Next Wednesday we will be running our trial reunification. The purpose of running this trial is for the school to ensure we have robust systems in place should we face an emergency such as earthquake or lockdown and need to ensure all of our students leave school with a nominated adult.

Thank you so much to all the families who have updated your emergency contacts ensuring we have 3 people we can release children to should the need arise.

In Christchurch when the earthquake happened, some children did not have anyone that could collect them and it became clear to the schools that no one would come. In this case Oranga Tamariki and the police were called and the children were released to them.

On Wednesday afternoon, students can be collected from 2pm from the hall. Please enter via the main foyer find your child and then you can exit from the side hall doors after the staff have checked you off against your child. We will also be taking a photo of the person who collects the child with the child in case there is a problem and the school being held responsible for releasing children to a non nominated person.

We are hoping this goes smoothly, but please bear with us, as we trial the procedure for the first time. We are going to do our best to make it a simple process. Again thank you to all the families who have shown support for this and understand why we need to put this system in place.

Staff movements 2020

It is with sadness that I need to let you know we will be losing Jason Barkle at the end of the year. He lives with his family in Aotea and is currently commuting via walk/train/bus to get to school each day, while his wife uses the family car. This commute can take over an hour and a half and with the birth of his daughter Kayla they have reassessed priorities. He has a position at Tawa Primary School as a classroom teacher starting in Term 1 2020. We are going to be very sorry to see him go.

Nick DiFelice is also leaving us to move to Australia with his partner. We have only had Nick for a year, but he has been a great addition to our staff. We are currently interviewing for new teachers for the positions

As many of you know our counsellor Kimberley is leaving us at the end of the year as well to have a baby - due at Christmas. Her last day will be 5 December. Kimberley has been fantastic to have on board and we will miss her very much, but know she has new and exciting things ahead.

Nga mihi nui, Tofa soifua, Salut, Kind regards,

Louise Bray-Burns


School News

School Leaders 2020

The aim with this article is to communicate the changes we have made to the school leadership structure at EBIS. This will take effect in 2020 and was discussed today with the Year 7 students.

The reason for this idea is to identify a smaller number of students who have leadership potential and create opportunities for them to develop their leadership during the year. We are also hoping that with this model we will have more students to be the role-models for other students.

The process of identifying potential School leaders will take place during the next two weeks. Both students and teachers will be involved. Students will be provided the opportunity to nominate themselves by completing an application form.

At EBIS we are looking for school leaders who can display the following characteristics:

Students who operate with Honesty and Integrity

Students who have the ability to Empower other students

Students who have a Positive Energy

Students who display Confidence

Students who show Commitment and Persistence

Students who display a Willingness to Learn

Students who are Entrepreneurial, Creative and Innovative

Students who have the Ability to Inspire other people

Students who are Caring

Students who are Conscientious

Students who are Responsible and Reliable

Students who are Problem solvers

Students who are Flexible

We ask that you talk to your child about this and how they would feel to apply. We would appreciate it if you can support them in their application.

We will announce the 2020 school leaders during the Prize giving on 12 December 2019.

Please contact wswanepoel@ebis.school.nz if there are any questions.

Year 8 Leavers Dinner

A Few facts:

  • Closing date is Friday 29 November
  • Costs is $35 per person
  • We have 25 sponsored places (25 families are sponsoring another student). If money is the issues that keep your child from attending - Please contact wswanepoel@ebis.school.nz
  • We have a number of parents who are sponsoring dresses and suits for the event

Currently we only have 55 people who have paid so far and we would love to have all of year 8's there so we can celebrate them and their journey at EBIS.

Sport at EBIS

WRISSA Inter- Intermediate

On Tuesday this week EBIS went to the WRISSA Inter-intermediate swimming competition, at the Kilbirnie Pool.

The team was made up of the following:

  • Stephanie
  • Jess
  • Sam
  • Ben
  • Danusia

This was a good day, swimming a lot. We all had fun and we all got a bit nervous but it was still a great experience. Danusia did some very good swimming, she came second twice. The whole team had a fantastic time and everyone swam a few races each.

The whole team swam very well and even though a few of us came last in our races, we still finished every race we did.

It was great representing EBIS at the WRISSA Inter-Intermediate swimming competition, while we are all a

bit tired, we all enjoyed it and had lots of fun.

We would like to thank the following adults who brought us on the trip and encouraged us to keep going.

The adults were:

  • Mrs Taylor
  • Mr Cathro

Term 4

Week 4


Notes From the Principal

8 November 2019

Kia ora koutou

The end of week 4 has just passed. We are now down to the last 5 ½ weeks of the year. The senior management team are putting classes together for 2020, timetables are being constructed, the Charter is being finalised, plans are well underway for the leavers event, staff are writing end of year reports, Colleges are completing year 8 visits for their new enrolments and life is extremely busy as we ensure things are in place for a successful end to the year and start to the new year.

Our ICT Team have been working and have put together the following article that I thought you might find useful.

Digital Citizenship and Understanding Social Media

Kia ora koutou friends and whānau,

The attached links provide information on the social media platforms that many of our students are currently using. Instagram has been around for some time, with the latest craze Tik Tok building quickly amongst the national, and international, online community.

The following articles are based around a programme designed in the United States. However, many of the ideas they explore are still applicable to what we face in our own communities with the growing influence of social media on student interactions. They also give some advice on how families and caregivers could provide more support and security around these apps and the students’ online presence.

Tik Tok Info

    • This gives the basic information around this latest app. It explains how the app works and some of the negatives around its design and what to watch for. Another that has been communicated is in regard to the songs played through the app. Some have been very negative in their message towards different groups of people.
    • However, there are also positives to the app. This is not only in the communication it provides but through the dances. Tik Tok provides a different way for students to build their confidence in having a laugh at their own expense.

Instagram DM’s

    • This explains the positives and negatives behind the direct messaging service that Instagram provides.

Instagram comms

    • This explains the comment feature behind Instagram. These are the comments that users add to the photos that people post. This is where some negative comments have built up to lead to the issues we see in the news.

Instagram hashtag

    • This explains the meaning behind the hashtag feature and how it connects different people across the app.

The key message, like with any form of social media, is that it is highly important that students ensure that any part of their account is set to private. It is also recommended that every so often you check in with your child on device use, messaging and their general presence online. Through everything that we have covered in the Digital Citizenship Unit and Keeping Ourselves Safe, students have learnt of the dangers that exist if precautions are not taken.

We hope these articles help in understanding more of these apps that continue to grow in our community.

Paul Chalk, Kelvin Fah and Jason Barkle

Reminders going forward

  1. Reunification drill on 20 November between 2 and 3:30pm. All parents are asked to read the procedure and collect your child from school between 2 and 3pm. We are aware that the drill may be an inconvenience, particularly if you work, but it is extremely important that we are all clear on the process to ensure everything works as planned. This is an opportunity for us to ‘iron out’ any wrinkles so we are well prepared in the future. The aim of a Reunification Drill is to make sure that your child/ren can get back to your care (or be in the care of someone you know) if the school has to be closed unexpectedly due to an extreme weather event or an earthquake etc. This is all about keeping your children safe.
  2. Please update your child's emergency contact information through the school office or via email. Remember the only people who can pick up your child in an emergency are those you have listed as emergency contacts.
  3. Teacher only day is Monday 25 November. Please make arrangements for your child for that day.

Nga mihi nui, Tofa soifua, Salut, Kind regards,

Louise Bray-Burns


School News

Term 4 - a few important things

Trial reunification drill

  • Wednesday 20 November
  • More information from homeroom teachers and the principal

Teacher Only Day

  • Monday 25 November


  • Thursday 28 November

Visit by South Korean students

  • 30 November - 13 December
  • A huge thanks to the people who have emailed to act as host families

Give Back to the Community

  • Wednesday 4 December
  • More information to follow

Prize giving

  • Thursday 12 December
  • Please SAVE THE DATE
  • All parents whose students will receive awards will get a letter from the school

Leavers Dinner

  • Monday 16 December
  • Two things to remember:
  • Closing date for payment: Friday 29 November
  • Please let the school know if money is an issue. We have families who have donated money for this

Last Day of School

  • Wednesday 18 December

EBIS 2nd hand Uniform Shop

Part of the EBIS fundraising is that we run a 2nd hand Uniform Shop at the end of each year

How does it work?

Year 8 students kindly donate their school uniforms to the school

At the last day of school the Year 8 students bring their washed uniform to school

We then have a group of volunteers who will sort the uniforms and run the uniform shop for a couple of days at the beginning of the new school year


We are looking for a few Year 7 parents who can run this project for us. It is a valuable service to the community but also a way of raising money for the school.

Please email wswnepoel@ebis.school.nz if you are able to help


Wednesday 4 December 2019

What is this?

This is an opportunity for students to take their learning to the next level. Students can volunteer to take part in this project

What is expected from students?

Students have to decide if they want to take part. Then they have to research how they can give back to the community. After this they plan the project and complete all necessary forms.

What is expected from the parents?

We need parent involvement. Students can only take part in this project if the volunteering is done under adult supervision. If students are doing this in a group we will only allow groups where the adult supervision is 1:6

What will the school do?

Teachers will explain the whole process to the students and will assist if they need help

We will provide all the necessary admin forms

We will have one day where teachers will assist the students with completing all the necessary planning and RAMS forms.

What if students do not want to take part?

School will run as normal today for students who are not taking part in this project

Why are we doing this?

To provide an opportunity for students to take their learning to the next level and to give back to the community.

Please contact wswanepoel@ebis.schoo.nz if you need more information.

Hansel and Gretel

EBIS was lucky to have the opportunity for 25 students to attend the latest ballet, Hansel and Gretel. The ballet was a twist on the traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel. The students really enjoyed the performance and we had a mix of both boys and girls in the audience. It was an unforgettable experience.

Support Staff are Making a Difference ...

and now they're making history!

For too long, the crucial work of school staff has been undervalued and insecure from one term to the next. This year they would like to change that.

The support of teacher aides at Evans Bay Intermediate are vital to the learning of our students, as they offer support to our teachers in the classroom. Their goal is to allow education to be accessible to everyone, creating a truly inclusive environment. Did you know that, along with supporting in classes, our teacher aides also:

  • Complete playground duties, just like our teachers?
  • Organise and run both our breakfast club and lunch club?
  • Attend school trips and help out with school events, such as production and the Pasifika Festival?
  • Engage with students in any capacity they need, including providing a listening ear and “time out” space if needed?
  • Participate in meetings to support students and whanau?

Teacher aides are about to start negotiating a pay equity settlement with the Ministry of Education.

A Government-funded settlement that finally sees Teacher Aides fairly paid for their skills and responsibilities will be life-changing for this mostly female workforce that works with our most vulnerable learners.

This pay equity campaign is just as relevant for administrators, kaiarahi i te reo, science techs, co-ordinators and all other support staff.

Do you know how much a teacher aide makes?

Next week is Support Staff Week!

The TAs will be handing out notes for students and/or families to fill out to voice support for Evans Bay Intermediate TAs. We will collect these back at school and they will be displayed in our lobby. They will then be used to show Parliament how much we, as a school and community, appreciate all the work our TAs do. '

If you would like to support our teacher aides in their quest for better job security and pay, feel free to sign on here to make a difference.

Parent Survey in Reading and Writing

Kia ora koutou,

We are quickly approaching the end of the school year and plans are building to what Literacy at EBIS will look like in 2020. We have already gathered information from the students on their thoughts and feelings towards writing.

We would now like to ask you to complete a short survey on the same. The questions will give us a sense of what the students experience at home around reading and writing, and potential supports we could explore in this area. Please be honest with the answers, all will be collected anonymously.

Link - https://forms.gle/A4rjTnu6nUVbZTFK8

If you wish to learn more about this process, please feel free to email me.

Kind Regards,

Paul Chalk | Room 2 Teacher | Literacy Lead

Parihaka Poem

By Maia Brown | Room 15

Ahh...Guy Fawkes! What a great night!

Nation-wide, well-liked...all of the above!

Ever heard of Parihaka? Probably not.

Please, prepare to be ‘pleasantly’ shocked…

The blazing sparks of fireworks,

That shoot up to the skies like colourful rockets,

Represent the smouldering fires that burned down

Maoris’ houses and swallowed innocent children whole.

The metal-locked boxes in which the fireworks are kept,

Represent the blood-blistering hand-cuffs

That were ‘delightfully’ responsible for trapping every peaceful protestor.

The cold winds that rush all around you,

Represent the icy temperatures of cramped jail cells and disintegrating hide-outs.

And the burnt brown remnants of dying fireworks,

Represent the colours that made kind woman become victims

For sexual assault, and young men to be arrested

And thrown in jail, ready to rot like empty beer bottles.

But finally, the feeling of your family’s arms wrapped around you,

As you watch the glittery explosions dance amongst your eyes,

Represent the love that is shared amongst all races today.

Akauwaiata at EBIS

Last week EBIS hosted the Pasifika Festival. A lot of work went into this from teachers, students and whānau to make this day a success and a big thank you to all those involved. The performance group practiced at lunchtimes and on Friday mornings and it was great to see the final product come together. You can check out the video on the EBIS facebook page.

A small group of these students also had the privilege of performing at parliament yesterday afternoon for the International Student Excellence Awards. This was a great honour and they represented our school with pride.

We are very proud of this group and what they have achieved.

Sport at EBIS

Touch - What a Game!

On Wednesday the 6th of November the EBIS attended the Wrissa Mixed Touch Tournament at Hutt Park Seaview. This is a yearly event that sees the Wellington Regions intermediate school compete for the title. Schools from as far a feild as Masterton and Levin attend and put up their best touch players to represent them.

This year EBIS had a very strong team and we went into the contest with high hopes of bringing in a top three result. We travelled to the venue in 3 cars and arrived to set up just in time for the briefing. Our first game was against Naenae Intermediate and we had a slow start. We fought back after giving up an early leat and won this game 4 v 3. Our second game was versus Raroa and we started this game the same way as we finished the first one. A strong win for EBIS saw us well placed to make our way into the final 7 v 3 to EBIS. We then had a short lunch break were it was discovered that a draw had occurred in another pool meaning that a loss would count us out of the finals. With this thought heavy in our minds we lined up for our final game against the perpetual champions of the wrissa touch comp Wainuiomata. A very hard fought game and some awesome heart was shown by the EBIS team. Unfortunately some tough calls went against our team and we went down to Wainui 4 nill. This was the closest a team got to them all day and we can be proud to have held them to this score. Our final pool game followed immediately afterwards against Brandon Intermediate. We struggled to get up for this game and gave up three easy tries in the first half before Mr Emson put the hard word on the team and asked for a big effort. Pulling this game back and finishing with the ball in hand and meters out from the try line for a 3 v 2 loss was a great effort by the team.

Our final game of the day was against Titahi Bay intermediate. This was a great game played really well by the EBIS team and showed why we should have been playing for a much higher position than 9th. We dominated play and chased down two runaways to keep the opposition tryless in the first half. A big win for the team in the end.

A huge day of touch by all our EBIS players and a huge thanks to the team for stepping up and winning Mr Emsons final game as an EBIS Inter-Intermediate coach.

Term 4

Week 3


Notes From the Principal

Kia ora koutou


It has been good to be back at school this week after spending time in China, visiting schools there and signing Memorandums of Understanding which will enable us to begin student exchanges with schools in Taizhou.

The visit was worthwhile from a second point of view as the principals of both Rongotai College and Lyall Bay School were also on the visit and we were able to gather a shared understanding of education in China as well as what is possible working between the three schools. It was great to know we are all on the same page going forward.

Digital Awareness

Last week the staff went to a presentation by Jocelyn Brewer, the Creator of 'Digital Nutrition', a framework for delivering and maintaining a healthy relationship with the technology world. Her website: https://jocelynbrewer.com/ Mary Sagato our Room 12 teacher wrote the following reflection on what was learned:

This presentation linked well with the work that we have been doing at school on Digital Citizenship. Last term classes began working through several modules on different aspects of being an online citizen - digital footprints, balance, staying safe etc.; building awareness of the issues and offering strategies to deal with them. The work is also a step in developing positive behaviours in our use of digital technology at EBIS.

Jocelyn acknowledged that the addiction word was bandied around about digital use but suggested that the problem might be an addiction to being connected. She suggested that we should look at how we, as adults, and how our children are connecting both online and offline. What are we modelling to our young ones around digital use and connecting with others? Are our connections meaningful? Do we need to make these connections online and are there offline ways to make the same connections? The important thing to look at was how our digital use is affecting our relationships - family, school, friends.

We were also reminded to think about the following when working online with our students - What is the content, what is the context, what is the cognition involved and what is the function? Jocelyn touched on skills that are becoming more important in a digital environment - concentration, mindful awareness and impulse control. She left us with lots of questions for this rapidly changing digital world and the idea that we have to look for answers that work for us as a community in different situations.


Prior to going to China we had talks with Metlink about issues on some of the school buses. They have asked that we send the following communication out

Dear Whanau and Caregivers

Some of you have been providing feedback about a few of the drivers of the EBIS school bus routes and Metlink appreciate the opportunity to address this. Metlink have also received feedback from bus drivers with their observations of some student behaviour on board.

Metlink, NZ Bus and EBIS have agreed to jointly try and improve the overall experience. We propose, adding additional staff on board some buses for occasional monitoring, reviewing the reliability and bus stop facilities. There will also be attention paid to any additional support required for drivers.

Metlink still want your feedback so if there is anything you would like to tell us about the service, please contact Metlink on 0800 801700 or at info@metlink.org.nz



Reminders going forward

  1. Reunification drill on 20 November between 2 and 3:30pm. All parents are asked to read the procedure and collect your child from school between 2 and 3pm. We are aware that the drill may be an inconvenience, particularly if you work, but it is extremely important that we are all clear on the process to ensure everything works as planned. This is an opportunity for us to ‘iron out’ any wrinkles so we are well prepared in the future. The aim of a Reunification Drill is to make sure that your child/ren can get back to your care (or be in the care of someone you know) if the school has to be closed unexpectedly due to an extreme weather event or an earthquake etc. This is all about keeping your children safe.
  2. Please update your child's emergency contact information through the school office or via email. Remember the only people who can pick up your child in an emergency are those you have listed as emergency contacts.
  3. Teacher only day is Monday 25 November. Please make arrangements for your child for that day.

Nga mihi nui, Tofa soifua, Salut, Kind regards,

Louise Bray-Burns


School News

At the moment of writing this, Evans Bay Intermediate has just finished their performance as the host school of the 2019 Pasifika Festival. As hosts and performers, they have done themselves and our school community proud. Huge thank you to Mr Fah, Ms Baddeley, Mr DeFelice, Kelly, Bex, Stacey and Whaea Fiona, as well a great number of parents and support staff who came in to support their tuition and worked on all the organising for today. Events like this are not possible without you!

There will be more information on how the day went next week, but the bulletin simply could not go out without a huge amount of appreciation to everyone involved.

Raffle Project

What an amazing effort from our students, parents and community that got behind our raffle - a huge THANK YOU from us to you. With your help, we have been able to raise just over $8000 to go towards building the Pump Track behind our existing Bike Track (completed in 2018). What an awesome addition it will be for our students and community to access! This project will be completed over the summer break and hopefully be ready for use by the time school returns in 2020.

Student Prizes:

3rd - Hurricanes signed Rugby Ball - Ella-Rose Brown

2nd - Samsung Galaxy Smartphone - Rhiana Grant-Bell

1st - Panasonic 32’ HD LED Television - Kayden Brooks (photo)

Raffle Prizes:

1st prize:

Habit 3 Month Gold Membership worth $435

Dinner voucher at Apache Restaurant worth $100

Miramar New World voucher worth $100

WINNER → John Barrow

2nd Prize:

Brentwood Motel Dinner voucher worth $200

Two RNZ Ballet tickets worth $200

Habit 1 hour massage voucher worth $80

WINNER → Tina Davies

3rd Prize:

Habit 1 month VIP Membership worth $250

Picnic cafe voucher worth $50

Haylo 30 minute facial worth $70

12 Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre swimming passes worth $40

Arcimboldi Pizza voucher worth $40

WINNER → Rachel Hardgraves

4th Prize:

Headstart Hair treatment to value of $100

Habit 1 month VIP Membership worth $250

Picnic cafe voucher worth $50

WINNER → Kate Taylor

5th Prize:

Habit 1 month VIP Membership worth $250

Miramar New World voucher worth $100

WINNER → Charlotte Fowler

EBIS - A safe place for every student

Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment that promotes social and creative learning. A safe learning environment is essential for students of all ages. Without it they are unable to focus on learning the skills needed for a successful education and future. Research continues to show us that children who do not feel safe at school perform worse academically and are more at risk for getting involved in drugs and delinquency.

At Evans Bay Intermediate, we want all of our students to feel comfortable at school and want to attend every day. We want to take a moment to promote school safety so our students - your children - can have an open space for kids to explore, learn and grow.

At EBIS we have a rage of things or people who can assist students in making sure they are feeling safe.

  • TEACHERS - This will be the first point of call for any student. Students can either approach their own teacher or any other teacher they feel comfortable to ask for help
  • SMT - We have an open door policy and any student can at any time come in and talk to us
  • COUNSELLOR - Kimberley is at school on Mondays and Thursdays and students can request to see her
  • REUBEN and ARMIE - The main aim for our youth counsellors is to be visible and out there for the students should they just want to talk
  • E-MAIL SYSTEM - As part of the student well-being programme we have an email system connected to our website. This gives students the opportunity to report any incident anonymously. The e-mail system can be found on our website: EBIS

We ask that parents please talk to their children about the above opportunities. Part of teaching resilience is providing opportunities for help. It is only when our students are aware of where they can get help, that they can build resilience and face challenges.

Homestays Wanted

Do you have a spare room?

We have 20 students from South Korea who will visit EBIS 30 November - 13 December 2019.

We are looking for families who can host these students for the time they are at EBIS while earning $280 per week.

We would appreciate it if you can let us know if you can help us by emailing Wikus Swanepoel at wswanepoel@ebis.school.nz

Sport at EBIS


What an amazing night! EBIS was incredible in the EPRO8 Competition and we had an amazing turnout of parents to support.

After leading most of the evening Team 1 (Angus Galloway, Ben Young, Rico Taylor, and Luke Barrow) came in 5th place (sadly one screw lost them first place - but let's not talk about that!). Their energy and commitment was incredible!

For an absolutely amazing lesson in perseverance Team 2 managed to overcome 30 mins of being stuck!! But they didn't give up.....and came in 1st place!!! Well done to Michael McCarthy, Luka Stroke-Penny, Leah Sumner and Amina Farooq. They have earned a place in the semi finals.

Our overall results (pending results from the semi final):

EBISians (Team 2) 1st Place: Michael McCarthy, Luka Stroke-Penny, Leah Sumner and Amina Farooq.

Brainiacs 4th Place: Luka Scott, Cara Vermaak, Evie Gould, Alex Barnes

Amanda Hood - Science Teacher

Term 4

Week 2


Notes From the Principal

25 October 2019

Kia ora koutou,

Wow, we’ve blinked and all of a sudden landed at the end of the second week of term! Time is an outstanding thing. You are either nearly through the first year of intermediate for your Year 7 student or you are getting ready to send your Year 8 student off to college.

I always find that Term 4 is a time for reflection. What went well this year? What can be changed for next year? What was the best experience of the year? And - my favourite question for myself - what am I looking forward to next year? The questions that we ask ourselves and our children set up the year ahead, and the hope is that we do this with them with a positive frame of mind. Every year is full of some tricky parts, but those experiences are the ones that help us to grow. It can be uncomfortable, it is a challenge - but each year, as a school, we hope that we have created better learners, stronger students, and provided an opportunity for them to grow.

I want to share with you a fun activity that helps students to understand what it means to have a growth mindset, and to know that the way they speak to themselves is very powerful. Ask your child to write down a list of negative or limiting statements they sometimes make about themselves (e.g. "I'm not good enough" or "I'm too ______"). Next, show them how to place a positive spin on the phrase by changing the language (e.g. "I need to keep practicing at swimming, I know I can be faster.” or "I'm short, but I am a really fast runner.") When doing this, kids will start to make simple connections about how they talk about themselves influences how they feel about themselves. Encourage them to give it a try!

If nothing else, remind them (and yourselves!) of these “Famous Failures”:

Walt Disney—His former newspaper editor informed him that he had no imagination and lacked any good ideas. Later, thanks to his accomplishments, his name would become synonymous with the word "imagination."

Steven Spielberg—Spielberg was rejected by the California School of Cinematic Arts twice, and still became one of the most famous directors in movie history.

J.K. Rowling—Rowling was a struggling writer and a broke, divorced single mother who was struggling with depression. In spite of that, the phenomenal success of her Harry Potter novels speaks for itself.


  1. Reunification drill on 20 November between 2 and 3:30pm. All parents are asked to read the procedure and collect your child from school between 2 and 3pm. We are aware that the drill may be an inconvenience, particularly if you work, but it is extremely important that we are all clear on the process to ensure everything works as planned. This is an opportunity for us to ‘iron out’ any wrinkles so we are well prepared in the future. The aim of a Reunification Drill is to make sure that your child/ren can get back to your care (or be in the care of someone you know) if the school has to be closed unexpectedly due to an extreme weather event or an earthquake etc. This is all about keeping your children safe.
  2. Please update your child's emergency contact information through the school office or via email. Remember the only people who can pick up your child in an emergency are those you have listed as emergency contacts.
  3. Teacher only day is Monday 25 November. Please make arrangements for your child for that day.

Nga mihi nui, Tofa soifua, Salut, Kind regards,

Melissa Watt

School News

Thai Teachers

By Madison Van der Westhuizen, Room 15

On Thursday, some Teachers from Thailand came to visit Room 15 for the day. They were very nice. We were tasked with finding facts about Thailand and they gave us stickers for answering, if we found five original facts we earned a keyring. I learnt so many things about their beautiful land. They also helped us in class.

EBIS Poetry

At EBIS this term a part of our literacy focus is on poetry. Here a few from Room 15, Room 14, and Room 10.

Room 10 Haiku

Things happening in Room 14

Helena Clark & Isla Guyomar

This week, Room 14 started their PBL projects about the countries participating in the Rugby World Cup.

We’ve also just started our term of Algebra. Not many people in our class know much about it so we’re all learning, with our new teacher Mr. Booysen who only recently started teaching us full time.

What we have learned so far is BEDMAS → B-brackets, E-exponents, D- division, M-multiplication,A- addition and S- subtraction. There is also PEDMAS, P for Parenthesis, E-Exponents, D-Division, M-Multiplication, A-addition and S-subtraction.

At the start of this week we have been introduced to Poetry and on the last week of Term 3 we made our own flags, either a made up country or a real one. It had to be original and it could have certain things from that country. So I did North America for instance and I put the Statue of Liberty and the Whitehouse on my flag.

We’re looking forward to the rest of this term!

Sport at EBIS


by Cara Vermaak

On Wednesday October 23rd the team Braniacs (Evie, Luka, Alex and Cara) went to Queen Margaret's school to attend EPro8. Our challenge was to create a Roller Coaster. Our resources were metal poles that come in 5 different sizes(and colours), as well as red, blue and yellow connecters. We made our was base out of those. Then in our booklet we had other challenges that required us to add on to our base for more points, that included putting on a sensor, a ram, and a counter that counted how many times the balls set off the sensor. Plus lights that automatically turn on. We came fourth, 40 points behind the other teams who tied second. We worked very well as a team and we had loads of fun. We all hope to do it again next year!

Term 4

Week 1


Notes From the Principal

Kia ora koutou

It was so good to see all the students and staff back at school on Monday. The school never feels the same during the break. I guess in the same way that is is the people who make a house a home it is the people who make our school into the amazing community it is.

Term 4 is starting with the ASB Get Wise financial literacy workshops happening in every class and the main focus for literacy and project based learning being the Rugby World Cup. All families should see students coming home with evidence of work they have been undertaking on these topics during the next few weeks.

Our main event in the early part of the term is the Inter Intermediate Pasifika Festival that we will be hosting on 1 November. The team of Kelvin, Karen and Nick with a group of parents are ensuring this will be a huge success. Most of the Intermediates in the Wellington Region will be sending a team of at least 20 children.

Just a couple of reminders for the term:

  1. Reunification drill on 20 November between 2 and 3,30p. All parents are asked to read the procedure and collect you child from school between 2 and 3pm as per my previous bulletins
  2. Please update your child's emergency contact information through the school office or via email. Remember the only people who can pick up your child in an emergency are those you have listed as emergency contacts.
  3. Teacher only day is Monday 25 November. Please make arrangements for your child for that day.

Finally Wikus and I will not be at school for the next week. If you have any queries or concerns please address them to Melissa Watt who will be taking over the role of Principal while I am away.

Nga mihi nui, Tofa soifua, Kind regards,

Louise Bray-Burns


School News

Staff Movements 2020

At this time of the year we begin to look at staffing for the following year as staff make decisions on their future and career. It is with some sadness that I need to tell you that Karl Emson will be leaving us at the end of 2019. He has won a position at South Wellington and this will give him new challenges to look forward to. He has done an excellent job as a teacher at EBIS as well as his roles as team leader, sports coordinator and Board member.

Shake Out at EBIS

By Mikayla Perry | Room 11

Yesterday Evans Bay Intermediate School took part in the national Shake Out programme for 2019. We were very lucky to get filmed during our earthquake/tsunami procedure and had a visit by the Minister of Civil Defence. At the end of morning tea, all the students made their way to the hall then learnt about all the important actions and things you should be thinking about during an earthquake. Then they started their earthquake drill, Drop, Cover, Hold! After that, they made a quick exit up to the top of Crawford road where the evacuation point is.

This programme is very important because it informs not only students, but people of all ages around New Zealand about how to stay safe during an earthquake and what to do if the earthquake is longer than 1 minute.

Being prepared for a tsunami is very important for us at EBIS because we are very close to the water and in a high-risk zone.

Raffle Project

Just a few ideas to make sure we have our parent community behind us.

Although not finished, we have already done some reflection and have realised we have done a few things wrong

  1. Calling it the Pump Track Project

The project already approved by the Board of Trustees and starting at the beginning of December includes all of the mounds. We want to create a space where students will feel comfortable to go to for a variety of reasons. That can include sitting and reading a book or talking to friends. But the mountain bike track will give more adventurous people the opportunity to get rid of some energy.

Then there will be the pump track for everybody who either has a skateboard, scooter or bike and want to do some tricks.

  1. Timeframe

We realise that it should have been a short project. The fact that it ran over the holiday might mean that we have lost a few people.

3 Using money for other projects like updating the toilets

As much as we would have liked to do that, the buildings are Ministry of Education property and as such fall under strict 5 and 10 year plans. We are not allowed to do anything with it. Money we raised can only be used for extra things

The closing date for the Raffle Project is Thursday 31 October. We still hope that all families will get behind it and that we will be able to raise about $10 000 with this project. However, for this to happen we will need every student to sell their booklet. We sk parents to please help us with the project.

At the weekend Ashni and Eleanor from Room 14 sat outside New World Miramar and sold $160 of raffle tickets to unsuspecting shoppers. What fantastic initiative and they did a great job! Ashni and Eleanor also got 2 packets of sweets and biscuits from old ladies.

Keep up the great work girls!

Get Wise

Lara Barrow and Leah Sumner, Room 9

What is Get Wise?

Get Wise is a program for kids to learn to be safe with money and learning how to budget, giving us a brief summary of interest, debt and more. We played a game called the holiday game in which we were giving 2,000 cash and a credit card with the max of $2,000 we learnt about taking risks and that it’s a good Idea to buy travel insurance. We were given the choice between cheap no thrills accommodation or to the max luxury resort with all you can eat buffets and more difficult decisions. The aim of the game was to live in the best luxury with the least debt.

It was a really fun experience and we learnt a lot from it.