On our way home...

The Mexico trip of 2018 was a blast. Our class went from jumping into cenotes to climbing up temples. We rode our bikes in Coba and visited an old Mexican hacienda where we learned how people make rope. Every day at our hotels, we swam and ate delicious traditional Yucatan food, such as Cochinita Pibil and crema de coco.

Every night, our class would make a circle and we would talk about what our class is doing well and what we can improve on. We would talk about our goals and people who we want to appreciate, forgive or apologize too. This was the best way for our class to openly talk about what we were feeling.

Even though there were some good and bad moments overall, most of our class had fun and wanted to stay longer, although we can probably agree that we miss our beds. During this trip a lot of people have been able to become closer with people they weren’t so close to and reconnect with friends they had become more distant with. We will now be able to go back home with new experiences and memories but most of all, we will bring back a class of students who want to make their class a nicer and safer place.