We arrived to "Sotuta de Peon", and we're greeted by our tour guides. We learned about the history of a big family who started a production, and was made famous by a German and Yucatan family who had bought the "hacienda" and made it a working museum. In this production, they focused on processing and making henequen with help from Mayan workers. After the museum, we were greeted by meeting two mules that carried us on a wagon to a man named Antonio that was born and raised at the same "hacienda" his entire life. We saw a well in the back and the house he used to live in, and we got to hear him speak in his mayan language while our tour guide translated. Before we knew it, we were all starting to get ready to go in the beautiful under ground body of water.

The "cenote" were prettier than you could have ever imagined. We walked along a narrow stair case and reached the mesmerizing glowing water. The "cenote" was closed, meaning there was very little light shining through the top. The top of the cave wasn't open. We swam for about an hour, and finally took the mules to a beautifully displayed lunch.

We were served buffet style, to a variety of different local plates you could create. We had the option of the traditional "sopa de lima", as well as "la cochinita pibil". We were very lucky to have such a experienced chef that was passionate about what he did. He even spent six hours cooking the traditional meat dish just for our enjoyment. Then we left the "hacienda" and traveled through the town of Merida, and saw all of the different cultures and styles being performed.

Going through Merida, we noticed a few things we feel as though we wouldn't have noticed if we went to a touristy area just for a "perfect vacation". We were taken by surprise when we learned about how much this town can change throughout its history. With so much beauty behind it, there is so much more . This experience makes this so much more meaningful because of what the cultures and what they have overcome.

After our eventful and exciting day, we finished the day off by cooling off and swimming in our hotel pool. We bonded and created a pleasant environment for everyone knowing it was our last day at this hotel. Then everyone cleaned up, and had a delicious dinner.

-Jamie and Avena

Photos by Eliana and Ceci