Today, March 6, 2018, we started our day really early. We woke up at 6:30, packed our bags ad took off. We headed towards Uxmal, a famous Mayan city, and we went to visit the ancient temples of the Mayans. After a long bus ride, we stepped out into the blazing heat. We met our tour guide in front of the Uxmal temple. We learned all about the stories and the history of this large temple. Of course, we had to stop and take pictures (because we are tourists). As we walked further into the village we saw many iguanas, all different sizes and colors.

Story time! A couple of us were sitting on the ledge of the temple and we all started to hear a bunch of squeaking noises, but didn't think much of it. Suddenly, (our dramatic 8th grade selves) felt like we were Bruce Wain being swarmed by bats. We all jumped up in terror and were scared to go sit back down. To conclude our tour, we saw where the ancient mayans played 'juego de pelota."

As we arrived at our new hotel, we enjoyed all of the scenery (and the 4 pools). We settled in and left to go eat a delicious lunch. A couple of us were sitting at a table and decided to have a good time and tell some jokes and riddles. In the end, everyone finally caught on, although it took a while.

After lunch, it was time to go on the tour at the chocolate factory. The chocolate museum was set up as to walk around it on a path. Along the path there were huts, in each hut there were explanations of the many different aspects of chocolate; the history, the sacredness and how it was made. Along the path there were many surprises. First we got to meet some adorable spider monkeys, which we got to feed from our hands. Everyone loved getting to feel the monkeys hands in our hands. Then, we got to witness an ancient Mayan ceremony which was created so they could worship the chocolate Gods and say thank you. There were also many types of animals along the way because they are fostering them until they are able to go out into the wild. We saw jaguars, deers and parrots. At the end of the tour we got to taste buy many different delicious chocolate items.

To end our day, we started of by going to the pool. of course, we were so loud that we got kicked out of the main pool. But, lucky for us, there are three pools and we had nothing to worry about. They moved us to the pool in the back. We all were jumping around and having a blast, and luckily, we had no one to worry about. Instead of having dinner first, we continued with our reflection process, which we started before leaving for the trip. Tonight we focus on our feelings and started off by talking about what aspects make our class special. Going around in a circle everyone was sharing their thoughts. A lot of people got very emotional and started crying. For many it was a very impactful experience. We then continued with our second and heavier question. What are somethings we can improve on as a class? By then, everyone was crying, happy or sad tears. At the end of the conversation, everyone was in a down mood and everyone was going around comforting each other. Although some of us where not hungry we all went and ate a delicious dinner.

After a physically and emotionally draining day, we are ready for bed, prepared for a new adventure tomorrow!

-Lupita and Alana who both hope you've enjoyed this post, as much as we've enjoyed writing it.

-Photos by Emma and Nayeli