Since the counselors took pity on us, we awoke well rested and sane. Waking up today was easier than most days, since we would be staying at this hotel for the next two nights. We got ready, and enjoyed a buffet style breakfast at our favorite hotel yet. Making sure we had everything we needed for the day ahead of us, we boarded the bus on our way to Coba. The bus ride was lively as always, full of songs, laughter, and lots of photos. Upon arrival, we were greeted with a thick, warm breeze. Some students browsed the shelves of the couple of stores outside the entrance, while others caused a ruckus of laughter and yelling. We stepped through the gates guarding the entrance to Coba, and were given a brief introduction by one of the EcoClub instructors on "agua turbia." While we were choosing our bicycles, we saw a spider monkey. "Vamonos," said one of our counselors, and we began the journey to the main pyramid on "Sakbe" (the white street). Once we arrived, we saw hundreds of people climbing slowly up and down the pyramid, close to the rope. After debating whether or not to embark on the climb, we began the ascend to the top of the pyramid. Five of us stayed on the ground. Once everybody came down the pyramid, we hopped on our bicycles, and made our way to the "juego de pelota maya" (Mayan ball game). There, we learned about how the captain of the winning team was sacrificed to the god "Chaac" (the God of Rain). We left the archeological area to head to our bikes once more and return to the entrance of Coba. Once we arrived, some stayed at the entrance while some biked the entire area for the fun of biking. Once the group of bikers arrived back, we left the area, and then bought, refreshments, chips, ice cream and souvenirs.

We headed back to the hotel, and ate a delicious lunch, which was a time to relax and regain our energy for the rest of the day. We then had time to go in the pool of the hotel, which was a great bonding and connecting time for our entire class to take a breath from the densely packed days before. Once done with our recess, we showered and changed into clothes for our bus ride to the Chichen Itza archeological area. When we arrived there, we were greeted by vendors where some people bought souvenirs. When we entered the area it was dark, and the only light we saw was the light on the walkway and the colored lights on the mayan structures. On every structure we were given a brief account of its history. These structures were noticeably more modern than the others because of the architectural and mathematical advances. Some structures included the mayan ball game, the warrior structure, and the "inframundo" underworld structure. However, the center of attention was the pyramid. After observing the structures, we sat in chairs and watched the light show of the history of Chichen Itza, which was displayed on the pyramid. The show was breath-taking.

We drove back to the hotel, in our tired sore bodies but joyful bodies, to eat dinner at 9:00. After dinner, we all said goodnight, and went to bed at 10:00 (except for Ayisha, Liam, Diego, and Ben) with a broader sense of the world around us, open-minded, more culturally-aware and grateful to have another beautiful and exciting day in Yucatan, Mexico.

Written by: Diego and Liam

Photos by: Ayisha, Ben and Chloé


Another important part of our day, was celebrating International Women's Day. We compiled a list of all the women who inspire us everyday.

"I stand

on the sacrifices

of millions of women before me


what can I do

to make this mountain taller

so that the women after me

can see further"

"Chloé inspires me because of how enthusiastic and supportive she is, whatever the situation" -Jamie

"My Mom inspires me to be myself and put 100% into everything I do" -Eliana

"Chloé inspires me because she is always so positive. She always has time for me and she is caring, smart, lovable, helps me through my many troubles, and of course, beautiful. My life would be totally different if I didn't have her in it" -Emma

"Sabrina Carpenter inspires me everyday to become a bigger and better person. She also inspires me to sing and act more. I LOVE HER" -Alex

"Linell inspires me to think about things in many different ways. She also teaches me a great and valuable lesson every time I see her" -Alana

"My mom inspires me to enjoy my life and always be my best self. I love you so much! "-Ona

"My grandma inspires me to be happy and kind. My grandma reminds me of my mom whom I look up to, and who has sacrificed so much. I love them so much and am grateful for them."-Ayisha

"My sister Maddy inspires me because she encourages me to do what I love to do and never give up. Love you lots Maddy." -Rachel

"Dolores Huerta inspires me because she is a strong Latino woman. I think that it is amazing how much she helped me change things for the Latino community. Thanks to her, I know que si se puede."-Ceci

"My piano teacher because she is really nice and tolerant."-Ari

"My grandma inspires me to be my best self and always be positive. She has taught me about equality and the importance of smiles. Thanks nani!"-Ben

"My mom because she keeps me on the right track and loves me a lot and I really appreciate that." -Avena

"Chloé because she may be my teacher but I feel like I still have someone to talk to and get support from." -Lupita

"My mom inspires me because she always gives me the best advice and keeps me in one piece." -Liam

"My grammy because she is very nice and patient with me. She is also very caring to many people and always tries to help everyone. I love her." -Nayeli

"My mom because she loves me a lot and she knows me better than I do. She also is always there for me and is the best role model I could ever ask for." -Sofia

"My sister because she has been someone I could always rely on, and knows me as she knows her own mind." -Diego