By Steve Montgomery

Basic Christianity

by Steven Montgomery

Thursdays 10 am till 12 pm

"And ye shall known the truth and the truth shall make you free." - John 8:32

This freedom is basic Christianity to a Christian, it is the liberty, the ability and the right to become the kind of person that God had in mind for you when He created you. Instead of being enslaved by sin, crippled by ignorance and bound by tensions, God has promised us freedom.

This class is intended to help students connect the basic head knowledge of the Christian faith to a heart felt truth and have that freedom of personal success as a Christian.

Many Christians get so enslaved, so crippled and so bound by deep theology or bad theology, because they have either never learnt or have forgotten the glorious basic promises of God, so in this class I hope to disciple more than teach these basic truths, connecting head knowledge with heart knowledge, and then weekly challenging students to be doers of the Word and hearers only.

This is going to involve things like the nature of Biblical Christianity, the characteristics of Biblical Christianity, the application of Biblical Christianity, Sanctification of a Believers life, the daily crucifixion in a believers life, Repentance, Redemption and the application of these in the believers life.

There will also be the challenge of reading your Bible in 90 days, to help teach discipline and to spend time in the word of God getting the big picture, and other challenges like witnessing and giving ones testimony in public and praying for and with individuals.

So I hope you will come, whether your a non Christian, a New Christian or an Old Christian, because you never stop learning and growing until you stand before Jesus Christ on that wonderful day when we shall know all things.

The Nature of Biblical Christianity part 1

Lesson 1 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 1 Part 2

The Nature of Biblical Christianity Part 2

Lesson 2 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 2 Part 2

The Characteristics of Biblical Christianity

Lesson 3 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 3 Part 2

The Application of Biblical Christianity

Lesson 4 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 4 Part 2

The Biblical Provision for Sanctification

Lesson 5 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 5 Part 2

The Crucifixion in the Believer’s Daily Life

Lesson 6 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 6 Part 2

The Resurrection in the Believer’s Daily Life

Lesson 7 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 7 Part 2

The Ascension in the Believer’s Daily Life part 1

Lesson 8 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 8 Part 2

The Ascension in the Believer’s Daily Life part 2

Lesson 9 Part 1 Student Notes

Lesson 9 Part 2

The Life of Christ I

By Pastor Steve Monty on Thursdays 10 am till 1 pm

Personally I do not believe that there is a more valuable lesson for the Christian to learn than 'The Life of Christ'.

As we discussed in our class on Biblical Christianity, we as Christians do not follow man's ideas, or a denomination, or a church, or a preacher, not even the Bible as a book, but what the Bible tells us about a person, Jesus Christ.

We need to desire a personal relationship with Jesus, not just head knowledge, but a relationship as we would have between husband and wife, a close knowing of that persons heart that can only come through a true relationship, getting to know them deeply and loving them.

In this class we will cover some portraits of Christ as an introduction, the move onto His Pre-existance, then look over the prophecies concerning Christ before we move onto the Christ of obscurity, the ministering Christ, the suffering Christ, the Risen Christ and finally the Glorified and Returning Christ.

Lesson 1

Portraits of Christ 1

Portraits of Christ 2

Lesson 2

The Pre-Existant Christ

The Prophetic Christ

Lesson 3

The Birth of Christ

The Baptism of Christ

Lesson 4

Jesus meets a His disciples part 1

Jesus teaches in Judea

Lesson 5

Jesus meets His disciples part 2

Jesus heals on the Sabbath

Lesson 6

Jesus' later Galilean ministry

John the Baptist's delegation

John the Baptist commended

Lesson 7

The Gaderene Voyage

The afflicted woman and Jairus' daughter

Lesson 8

The Year of Opposition

The defection of disciples

Lesson 9

The Healing of the Demonic Son

Humility, Catholicity and Forgivness

Lesson 10

The Seventy Sent Out

Lesson 11

The Good Shepherd

Lesson 12

The Prodigal Son

Lesson 13

His Sufferings Foretold

Lesson 15

The Last Week of Christ-Sunday to Wednesday

Lesson 16

The Great Commandment

Lesson 17

Judas Iscariot

Lesson 18

The Lord's Intercessory Prayer

Lesson 19

The Crucifixion

Lesson 20

The Lords Ascension


By Pastor Steven Montgomery

Thursdays 7pm-9pm

Lesson 1

Introduction to The Book of Romans & Romans 1:1-4

Lesson 2

Romans 1:5-15

Lesson 3

Romans 1:14-23

Lesson 4

Romans 1:24-2:15

Lesson 5

Romans 2

Lesson 6

Romans 3 part 1

Lesson 7

Romans 3 part 2

Lesson 8

Romans 4

Lesson 9

Romans 5:1-11

Lesson 10

Romans 5:12-21

Lesson 11

Romans 6

Lesson 12

Romans 7

Lesson 13

Romans 8:1-12

Lesson 14

Romans 8:12-39

Lesson 15

Romans 9

Lesson 16

Romans 10

Lesson 17

Romans 11

Lesson 18

Romans 12

Lesson 19

Romans 13

Lesson 20

Romans 14

Lesson 21

Romans 15

Lesson 22

Romans 16


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Class 7

Baptist History

By Pastor Steve Monty

The Christians who have followed the teachings of the Bible have suffered a great deal in their history. A study into the history of the Baptist church is one that is soaked and written in blood. There has not been a lot of historians who have recorded the history of the Baptist Church down through the ages, or at least we have not hear of them or read their works, probably due to the level of persecution the Baptist Churches have faced. Those who did write about our history, those who preached in our churches were martyred for their faith and their works, and often their congregations were destroyed. Most of our history is written by our enemies, therefore you can be sure that it is tainted with hatred and persecution and changed to suit their ends, which satans work of destroying the Gospel message, often times what they call 'heretical' is 'Biblical', and that's coming from an heretical church.

Baptist History Part 1

Baptist History Part 2

Baptist History Part 3

Baptist History Part 4

Baptist History Part 5

Baptist History Part 6

Baptist History Part 7

Baptist History Part 8

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