We are Recruiting!

We are in need of day time firefighters, Emergency Medical responders and we are looking for Board of Directors, mechanics and administrative help to keep our organization going. Looking to help protect your communities please join.

Please use the Contact Page if you are interested in helping in your community or Click the graphic below.

A = Station 5 , B = Station 3 ,C = Station 4 , D = Station 1

E = Station 2


There shall be five classes of membership in the Department:

  1. Active Members – a member with full voting and office holding privileges, subject to duties set forth hereinbelow. Active members are fire-fighting members who maintain all necessary training required by department guidelines or applicable laws.
  2. Auxiliary Member - a limited non-fire-fighting member who can vote, but is limited to holding administrative offices within the department.
  3. Probationary Member – a member in “learning status” who may not vote, hold any position of authority, or operate department equipment.
  4. Explorer– a member between the age of fifteen (15) and seventeen (17), subject to duties and restrictions set forth in article V, SECTION 12. Explorers are nonvoting members.
  5. EMR- (Emergency Medical Responder - (EMR, EMT, EMT-A, EMT-P) a member with full voting privileges that shall attend training and meetings outlined in the membership section. Member must maintain all EMS training.


Department membership basic requirements:

  1. At least eighteen (18) years of age. (Explorer fifteen (15) to seventeen (17)
  2. Current citizen of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA;
  3. Resident in or shall live no more than 2 miles in any direction outside of the coverage area designated.
  4. Of good character and standing in the community with no criminal background;

Able and willing to participate, directly or indirectly, in training and resolving fires and other emergencies

[1] Distance from the coverage area is measured as “driving miles” in a straight line from the nearest marked area of ERCFVD coverage on a map. Note, all members up to the March 2012 meeting will be grandfathered in if applicable.