Counselor's Corner


East Prairie School District has designed a comprehensive program addressing the academic, career and personal/social development of all students. The School Counselor is an advocate who helps students recognize their strengths and then assist them in designing specific plans of action to realize their full potential. In addition, the program monitors the school environment so that all students are respected and supported.

The Counseling Department at East Prairie R-II School District is available to help students and parents with questions and concerns. Students may request an appointment at any time; they may also be referred by teachers, administrators, or parents.

What role does the school counselor play in my child’s education?

The school guidance counselors at East Prairie R-II School District want your child to get the most out of school and life. Guidance counselors are trained to help your child discover solutions to many different types of problems, learn about character, and become a good decision maker.

What can your child speak with the counselor about?

East Prairie R-II guidance counselors can help your child with….

• Personal problems that can affect your attitude and performance at school

• Social concerns such as how to deal with peer pressure and problems with friendship

• Academic issues including ways to improve grades, study skills, and organization

Guidance Counselors also…

• Meet with teachers and parents regarding a student’s academic, emotional, or social needs.

• Make referrals to community agencies as needed

Toni Graham, Foster Care Liaison-Jr. High/High School Counselor

Contact Information:


PO Box 10 East Prairie, MO 63845

Phone:(573) 649-3564 ext. 113

Fax: (573) 649-9370

Southeast Missouri State University

  • BS in Physical Education K-12
  • MA in School Counseling K-12

Work History

  • 13 Years in Education
  • 6 Years as Junior High Counselor
  • 7 Years as Physical Education Teacher

Mrs. Toni Graham began teaching in the district in 2006. She was the girls' physical education and health teacher at the junior high school and coaching a myriad of sports teams for East Prairie R-2 School District; through that time she worked towards her master’s degree in school counseling. Mrs. Graham has always been a great role model for the students East Prairie Junior High School and cared deeply for them; wanting them to succeed. In 2012, she moved up to the Junior High School counseling position so that she could continue her knack for helping students. Throughout her day she is responsible for many tasks that she takes pride in, but none so much as the mental well being of our students.

Why do I want to be a counselor?

"After spending my first year in college trying desperately to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, one thing I was confident in was I had a passion for wanting to help and teach others. This was especially true for children and adolescents. I chose to take some classes in education and after spending a year trying to find an area of concentration I was talking to a young girl I was babysitting and she began talking about her PE teacher. At the conclusion of this conversation she stated, “I wish you were my PE teacher.” This is the very moment I knew my direction and that I wanted to be a PE teacher. After years of teaching PE I believed I was ready for a change and decided to go into school counseling. I have a passion for helping others, specifically adolescents, and I strive to help them be the very best person they can through making healthy choices rather it’s physical, mental or social situations."

-Toni Graham

My greatest influences are:

God- My rock and my reason for loving people and finding the “gold” in all.

My Husband and Children- The greatest support system and blessings I can ask for My parents- Instilled a hard work ethic and importance of family unity My Sisters- Always encourage me to be strong and stand up for myself My Mother-in-law- The greatest Christian influence I know My Co-workers/friends and students- My reason for coming to work everyday

My overall approach and philosophy for counseling can be summarized with the following quote:

“You are always responsible for how you act no matter how you feel”- Robert Tew