Kouts Memorial Scholarship

The Kouts High School Memorial Scholarship Fund (MSF) was established in January of 1984 for the sole purpose of providing financial assistance to KHS graduates who desire to pursue additional education and training. Since its establishment, the fund has received in excess of $900,000 from supportive friends and community members, and it continues to grow through the consideration and interest of hundreds of contributors.

The Memorial Scholarship Fund is administered by a seven-member board composed of the principal and guidance director at KHS, a faculty member, and four elected representatives, two of whom cannot be employees of the school corporation. The board is restricted to awarding only earnings generated by the fund’s principal and can not award less than two hundred dollars to a recipient. Awards totaling over $500,000 have already been presented to over six hundred graduating students.

Contributions of any amount are welcomed, and the board makes available a card of acknowledgment when a contribution has been received as a memorial. Contributions have also been received in honor of anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions.