The 9th Grade Experience Podcast

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Welcome to the 1st Season of the 9th Grade Experience Podcast. As a teacher of freshmen and one of our Freshmen Mentor Committee faculty advisors, I spend a lot of my school day thinking about and helping students with the successful transition from middle school to the halls of Emmaus High School. The goal of this podcast is to give you the story of the 9th Grade here at Emmaus High School through the people who live it daily - the students and staff.

We will attempt to touch on the real issues and stories that 9th grade students face, ranging from academics, athletics, technical school, and just trying to find your way as one person in a community of approximately 2,700 students. We will also look to speak with some of the influential staff members who play a key part in a student’s 9th grade year.

It is the hope that future 9th grade students and their families can use the tips and insights provided here to begin making connections to their potential new school and learn more about the day-to-day lives of the students that they one day will become and realize from Day 1 that 9th grade counts!

-- Host Chris Stuchko

Thanks to our sponsor for this show, the East Penn Education Foundation. This podcast has been made possible through a $1,000 grant awarded to teachers like me each year who are attempting to do unique projects in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. The Foundation “supports programs that put learning in motion by giving students the tools they need to think actively in a complex and changing world."

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