2018-2019 Senior Projects

What is Senior Project?

The Senior Project is an authentic assessment that challenges students to demonstrate and display their mastery of many skills they acquire in the Easton Public Schools. The Senior Project allows students to take control of and have a powerful voice in their own education. The Senior Project is an opportunity for students to challenge themselves and to showcase their achievement.

Senior Project Student Profile:

  • Effective Communicator
  • Possesses Time Management Skills
  • Ambitious & Enthusiastic
  • Leader
  • Mature
  • Independent Learner
  • Deadline Oriented

Senior Project Focuses on the Following Skills:

  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Research
  • Reflection
  • Writing
  • Technology
  • Self- Evaluation
  • Time Management
  • Analysis
  • Organization
  • Public speaking


Students select a topic or area of study which they have a real desire and passion to explore. Proposed project must contain a "learning stretch." A learning stretch means that the proposed Senior Project will serve to "stretch" a student's skills and knowledge in a particular area.


Students must engage in a hands on experience related to the proposed topic or area of study. Students acquire and work with a mentor from the community with experience directly related to their project. Students develop their project in consultation with their mentor. Students must complete a minimum of forty hours of fieldwork. This phase of the Senior Project offers students a unique blend of real-world experience combined with the knowledge and skills learned in school.

Research Paper

Students write an 8-10 page research paper. The research paper must be linked to the project and fieldwork but is not a report on such. During this phase, students use skills to acquire knowledge, research a variety media and utilize writing and research skills.

The research paper enables students to explore an area of interest in depth. Students are guided through the research process throughout the year. Time is devoted to discussing the research process and proper techniques.

Digital Portfolio

Each student uploads their assignments to their own digital portfolio. The digital portfolio is a formal record of the development of the Senior Project including the research paper and project phases.

The Senior Project Board then reviews the senior's portfolio in preparation for the final presentation.

Final Presentation

The final phase of Senior Project requires seniors to speak formally to a panel of administrators, staff and community members. The presentation is followed by an informal question and answer session guided by the panel.

Community Night PPT

Student Websites

My learning stretch consisted of studying how to create and manufacture clothing as well as starting and managing a brand.

My learning stretch consisted of improving my communication skills and learning what it takes to be a firefighter physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My learning stretch consisted of expanding my knowledge of the role of a pediatrician by examining their day to day routine through first hand experience.

My learning stretch consisted of exposing myself to the field of Art Therapy with the goal of evaluating its effect on the overall outcome of the patient.

My learning stretch consisted of observing the needs and inner workings of youth programs with the goal of creating a pamphlet examining the opportunity gap.

My learning stretch consisted of using my experience at a marine rehabilitation facility to advance environmental consciousness.

My learning stretch consisted of researching causation factors and volunteering my time to spread awareness about homelessness.

My learning stretch consisted of interviewing people in the renewable energy field in order to examine advanced scientific concepts related to energy storage and to educate the public on this topic.

My learning stretch consisted of bridging the gap between physical and emotional health by creating a community event.

My learning stretch consisted of learning about my development as an artist through photographing memorable senior year experiences and sharing them with my class.

My learning stretch consisted of being able to recognize the current cultural climate of modern music and applying it to a classroom setting.

My learning stretch consisted of learning how to connect individual pieces of music to tell a larger story with the goal of applying that knowledge to compose a large-scale piece of music.

My learning stretch consisted of learning about video production in order to conceptualize videos for my own YouTube channel.