COVID-19 Dashboard

About this Dashboard

This simple site & dashboard was created to help streamline communication with EC parents regarding COVID-19 events on campus. Direct communications may also be sent via text/email if necessary. Please be sure to add to your trusted contacts so notification emails do not go to spam.

Looking for more information on how to proceed if your student is symptomatic or received positive diagnosis? Click here to see COVID-19 Guidance for EC families.

This dashboard tracks PCR confirmed cases that were present on campus during a period of potential infection. Cases will be removed from the "Active Cases by Campus" graph after clearing their medically dictated quarantine period.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make the decisions to quarantine and where are you getting your guidance from?

    • Eastern Christian School is in the unique position of having 3 campuses located within 3 different districts and two different counties!

    • We make our decisions with guidance from the CDC, NJ Department of Health and local boards of health.

If you receive a POSITIVE Covid-19 test result, you MUST inform the school nurse and provide a copy of the diagnosis paperwork.

School Nurse Contact Information

Diane DeRooy RN

HS Nurse

973-427-0900 ext. 4207

Laura Gorter RN

UE/MS Nurse

201-891-3663 ext. 4201

Susan VanderPyl RN
Stephanie Ingis RN
Pre-K/ES Nurses
201-445-6150 ext. 2502