Freedom Jack

Jessica Reid

Senior Capstone- East Haven High School

The Freedom Jack's Mission

The Freedom Jack is designed to take "A Closer Look" at disabled individuals lives to try and improve their ability to go more places. We strive to make every handicap individual feel included no matter the space they are in, handicap accessible or not. With this removable and portable easy to use Jack, disabled individuals and their caregivers will not have to worry about their safety when overcoming small inclines.

My Thought Process:

I established the need for this project after doing research on the common problems that disabled individuals in wheelchairs experience. When I was about 5 sources in I realized a theme: they were having trouble in other places that are not handicap accessible and have small inclines. This made me wonder what I could do to help. I started brainstorming and thought of an easier less physical way to get the wheelchair up the step. I tried a bottle jack, but found out that it could not be used upside down. I then proceeded to trying a scissor jack, but there was too much labor required for the caregiver. I finally came to my final prototype, a trailer jack because it can withstand the weight and lift the chair with ease. Although I created a prototype it is not ready for market. If I were to continue I would definitely want to make it lighter so instead of steel I would try aluminum. I would also change the designs of the screws so the pins can be placed into them from the top. Overall, this project was created because I wanted to help people overcome struggles, and spend more time living their life despite their disability.