imw australia 2020 will take place in melbourne!

2019 IMW Participants, Perth, Australia

Providing Geospatial capacity for the indigenous community

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop (IMW) and its strategic partners are dedicated to the development and advancement of culturally appropriate and inclusive geospatial technologies for Indigenous leadership, agencies, and communities to support Indigenous rights and interests.

The IMW brand was started by Steve DeRoy from the Firelight group in Canada. Steve partnered with Google Earth Outreach for their first workshop and now it has been running successfully for six years.

The workshop was also successfully launched in New Zealand with Moka Apiti from Digital Navigators, the event has now been running for the past four years. In 2018, Australia hosted its inaugural IMW with Andrew Dowding of Tarruru as its Australian partner.

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IMW Australia Attendee, Sydney, 2018

2019 IMW Participants, Perth, Australia

imw 2019 Came TO PERTH, western australia

The aim of the 2019 workshop was to increase the number of attendee’s who participate in the event and broaden the scope of technology training offered. The event ran on the 16th, 17th and 18th July 2019. The event registration and application vetting process took place from April 2019 – June 2019 to ensure that the attendee’s selected fit the profile required to receive the training.

2019 IMW Attendees using the Google Interactive Wall

Who Should Apply FOR 2020

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop is for members of, or people working directly with, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities or organizations in Australia. Preference will be given to:

  • Decision-makers and mapping or technology specialists
  • Applicants who demonstrate interest and ability to implement and make effective use of Google mapping technology within their community
  • Applicants who are currently working on mapping projects, or are planning mapping projects in their communities.

In order to ensure space for a diverse group of participants, there is a maximum of two participants per community or organisation.


Participants were given the opportunity to hear success stories, learn & share best practices, and received training on free and practical Google Earth, QGIS, Mapbox, Fulcrum, Drone mapping tools, which participants can use to collect, host, visualize, share and publish map data, supporting communities to make informed decisions about their lands and water. Sessions explored themes highlighted at Indigenous Mapping Workshops in Canada and New Zealand, including traditional land use and occupancy studies, environmental monitoring, and inter-generational knowledge transfer. The technical training was co-led by Winyama, Google Earth Outreach and Indigenous mapping practitioners with years of practical experience in the field.

Training modules allowed participants to learn the following:

  • Building quick and easy online maps that are collaborative and interactive
  • Creating maps from spreadsheets of data
  • Using Google Earth to guide a discussion about the landscape and record sites of significance
  • Bringing GIS and GPS data into Google Earth for visualization
  • Setting up a mobile data collection project that allows you to create survey forms, deploy them to Android phones and collect data (including GPS) offline in the field to be visualized on a map.
  • Telling a map-based narrative story that guides your audience across the land and water
  • Capturing your own 360-degree Street View images to take people on virtual visits to the land
Using satellite imagery to facilitate discussion at a community meeting in Sanikiluaq, NU, Canada
The Ngarluma Ngurra Cultural Map: a Google Earth experience designed to provide an insight into Ngarluma culture and relationship to country.

Indigenous iconography

The Indigenous Mapping Workshop 2019 featured a mapping iconography workshop where attendees collaborated with Google Earth Outreach and Winyama to create culturally senstive and inclusive mapping icons.

IMW thanks its 2019 sponsors

Proudly supported by the Australian Government

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sponsorship enquiries

We are accepting applications for sponsorship of the Indigenous Mapping Workshop 2020. Sponsorship of the IMW 2020 is perfect for companies who are passionate about building capacity within Indigenous communities or looking to contribute to the targets set by their Reconciliation Action Plan.

Monetary sponsorships will cover important costs that will enable participants and keynote speakers from remote Indigenous communities to attend the workshop, broaden the scope and depth of training provided, contribute to the running of the workshop and cover the costs for branded collateral.

In-kind donations from companies who wish to contribute IT equipment, AV, catering, accommodation, printing materials will be considered.

All sponsor logos will be featured on event communications and physical branding on the day.

For sponsorship enquiries, please contact Andrew Dowding on: