Open Data Kit

IMWAU: Open Data Kit

View and download slide presentation here.

before the session

If you would like to use your personal Android device for the hands-on activities:

  • Download "ODK Collect" from the Play store on your Android device
  • Configure ODK Collect
    • Open the app
    • Click on the menu (3 vertical dots at upper righthand corner) and select "General Settings"
    • Select "Server"
    • Click on "Type: ODK Aggregrate" and switch to "Type: Google Drive, Google Sheets"
    • Click on Google Account and select your Google account
    • Fill out this Google Form so that the trainers can share the ODK survey form with your Google account


Open Data Kit for field data collection forms

Open Data Kit website

ODK Build for form building on your laptop

ODK Collect for Android devices from the Play Store

Advanced form building using XLSForm


XLS to XML converter

Google Drive for managing your response data

Go to Google Drive

Google Drive Help

Geotools to make maps with ODK data in Google Sheets

Google My Maps

Google Earth Pro

Google Earth Engine


If using your own Android phone, please make sure you've followed all the steps in the Before the Session section above.

1. With ODK Collect app open, download the form:

    • Back to home screen of ODK Collect
    • Click "Get Blank Form"
    • Your Google Drive files should appear. Click the lower righthand button "Shared with Me"
    • Select "imwau.xml" and click "Download Selected"

2. With the ODK Collect app open, fill out the form:

    • Click "Fill Blank Form"
    • Select "imwau"
    • Fill out each survey question. Get to the next question with a swipe left.
    • At the end, Save form.

3. Submit your data:

      • Click "Send Finalized Form"
      • Select Form
      • Click "Send"


  1. Go to
  2. Create an account
  3. Give your blank form a title. The title should be one word only.
  4. Click on the "Text" button at the bottom to add a text question.
  5. On the right, edit the question.
    1. Fill out the Data Name field (one word, no punctuation). This is your column header. i.e. "name"
    2. Fill out the Label field (no limits). This is the question that will appear on your phone. i.e. "What is your name?"
  6. Click on the "Location button" to add a GPS location question.
  7. Add one more question of your choosing, for example a Photo question.
  8. Click File > Save.


  1. Create a Google Drive folder for your ODK project.
    1. Go to
    2. Add new > Folder. Give the folder a name.
  2. In Drive, create a response Sheet in the Drive folder.
    1. Add new > Sheet.
    2. Click Share and make the Sheet "Anyone with the link can edit"
    3. Copy the Sheet URL
  3. In ODK Build, click Edit > Form Properties. Enter the Sheet url in the submission URL field.
  4. In ODK Build, download your form as an XML. Click File > Export to XML. Then in the pop up, click "Download"
  5. In Drive, upload your XML file.
    1. Click New > Field Upload to upload your xml form to the Drive folder.
    2. Click on the XML file inside the folder, then click Share button.
    3. Change the settings to "Anyone with the link" can edit and add any individuals who need to download the form on their Android. For a person to be able to download your form, the form must be shared with their Google account so they see in their "Shared With Me" Drive files.
  6. On your phone, Get Blank Form to find your new form.
  7. Fill out your survey. Use Send Finalized Form to send at least one response.
  8. Look to make sure the submitted data appears in your Response sheet


  1. Create a new My Map. Two ways to do this:
    1. In Google Drive, click New > More > Google My Map
    2. Go to and click "Create New Map".
  2. Give the map a title and description.
  3. Under "Untitled Layer", click "Import".
  4. In the pop-up, click "Google Drive" and click your response sheet, then "Select"
  5. Your ODK data should load on the map.