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Year 6 Lime

2018 - 2019: Class Adults - Mrs Drummond, Miss Horbury, Yvonne, Zeba, Alex, Monica, Anna, Jacques and Farzana.

The London Buddhist CenTre

To support our RE topic of Buddhism we visited The London Buddhist Centre. We were very interested and asked lots of very good questions. We took part in some meditation which left us feeling very calm and relaxed. It was a perfect way to end a busy week.

Merry Christmas from LimE Class

We made Advent table decorations. They were beautiful. Have a look at the pictures below.

Look at our amazing books!!

We have been learning about deforestation and the destruction of rainforest habitats around the world. We have looked at its impact on the animals and wildlife who live in them, particularly the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra.

Our Visit to the Natural History Museum

This term we have been learning about evolution and the classification of living things in science. We took part in an evolution workshop during our visit. The class were able to show off their learning by answering many questions with confidence and interest. They saw actual fossilised marine reptiles like the plesiosaur discovered by Mary Anning who was a pioneering palaeontologist we had studied in class. Overall, everyone enjoyed our visit very much.

We Love Reading!

Come and explore a variety of books and go on your own reading journey in our reading area.

We want your book recommendations.

Recommendations so far.

Ms. Drummond - The Island and The Last Wild

Erin - Apple and Rain Sarah Crossmans

Hadjer - Azzi Inbetween

Gabi - War of Jenkins Ear - Michael Morpurgo


Our theme for this half term is Journeys. Our Whole Class text is The Journey by Francesca Sanna. It is a book about a family fleeing their country. It has beautiful illustrations that are inspiring our thinking and writing. The children have been thinking about their own journeys but also some of the difficult journeys other children have had to make.

The Journey

The children loved the topic and produced some amazing written work. The have published a book which you can see here with a beautiful illustration by Carmen. More examples of their work can be seen below.

Artists in Lime Class

Ms. Horbury is the resident artist in Lime Class and the children have produced some excellent self portraits and Windrush work. They have used futuristic images to support their work.