Class Teacher: Miss Oliver

Teaching Assistant: Zeba Ghanchi and Anna Violari, Alex S


In March some of our class went to Pendarren in Wales. Students had a great time mountain walking, canoeing, rock climbing and building a camp fire to roast marshmallows, just to name a few.

Number Week

During Number Week (28th January - 1st February), Year 6 participated in a number of fun and engaging Maths activities such as: an Escape Room Number Challenge, Treasure Hunt, Problem Solving Workshop and Maths Games.

Escape Room Number Challenge

Students were "locked" in the classroom and had to work in groups to solve a number of Maths challenges to crack the code of the box containing the key. Students all showed fantastic teamwork skills and had a lot of fun.

Problem Solving Workshop

Students enjoyed working in teams to solve a range of different problems, such as balancing the ice, making a continuous road and building designs based on pictures.

Maths Games

This week students participated in a range of Maths based games. These games allow students to apply maths skills in a fun and interesting way.

Class Trip - Bethnal Green Buddhist Centre

On Thursday 17th January, our class attended the Bethnal Green Buddhist Centre. It was a really engaging trip, where students got to participate in meditation in the prayer hall.


This term we have been learning to create interactive 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories. We have created our games and learnt to debug programs. Have a read through some of our amazing stories. How many different endings can you find?

Press Present on the presentations use the Links to choose your own adventure!

No Pens Day

Wednesday the 28th November, 2018 was No Pens Day. We took advantage of this day to create some amazing artwork around a topic we are covering in the class - Rainforests/Deforestation

One side of the artwork aims to show the natural rainforest and the other side, demonstrates the devastation created due to deforestation.

Friendship Friday

Friday 16th November was Friendship Friday. Our class celebrated the day by making Custard fondue and friendship bracelets. We had a great afternoon.


To link with our Year Level Topic, Journey, we created self portraits to show us in our current stage of our life journey. Below are some examples of work.