Jazmine Keeton

8th Grade - English Language Arts

"...for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." - Hamlet

-William Shakespeare


Welcome to 8th grade English! Thank you for visiting my teacher website. Here you can find my contact information, schedule, tutoring times, and a little bit about me. I am looking forward to a wonderful year!


Jazmine Keeton

Room #205

Email: jkeeton@eanesisd.net

Phone: 512-732-9240 (32853)

Class Schedule

1st Period - PLC

2nd Period - Pre-AP English

3rd Period - Pre-AP English

4th Period - 8-2 Team/Planning

5th Period - Pre-AP English


Wildcat Time - 8th Grade

6th Period - English

7th Period - Pre-AP English


8:00-8:25 - Thursday

Or by appointment.