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My name is Magister Finkelstein (pronounced "stine," not "steen"). I'm teaching Latin (1A, for 7th grade; and 1B, for 8th grade).

Latin will be based on the Cambridge Latin Course, Units 1 (the red book) and 2 (the blue book), which encompasses Latin grammar, Latin vocabulary (and English derivatives), and the culture of the Roman Empire in the 1st century C.E.

Cambridge has an AWESOME online companion. In addition to having a web-based version of the entire book (with color pictures), this site has an active translation application ("Explore the Story") and practice exercises for grammar and vocabulary. Additionally, each chapter has dozens (sometimes hundreds) of links to delve more deeply into Roman culture.

Also, Ben Johnson, a high school Latin teacher in Maine, has established a great YouTube channel ( These will be assigned from time to time to watch at home to supplement classroom instruction.

We spend a lot of time in class playing review games on,, and Students can sign up for free accounts and review with these themselves, as well, in a more private, self-paced setting.

Magistrula has a bunch of exercises which you can gear specifically to your level and focus. Full access to the site requires you to make a free account.

Lastly, has a lot of free Latin games; I would suggest searching for Keyword "CLC" and the current stage number, Activity Type "Challenge Board" for a Jeopardy-style comprehensive review game. We'll often be playing these in class before test days.


David Finkelstein

Room #313

(512) 732-9240 x. 32176

Class Schedule

1st: Latin 1B

2nd: Latin 1A

3rd: Latin 1B


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday before school.