Welcome to the BCE Art Studio

Welcome to Art at BCE! The BCE art studio is a bright, colorful space ready for students’ creativity to soar.

In the art studio, our areas of learning include:

Students are encouraged to explore, experiment, make “beautiful oopses,” play, work through frustrations, giggle, and get messy as we create, observe, and respond to art.

Students in Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th grades come to Art on a 3-day Specials rotation, along with Music and PE. The acronym M-A-P may help you know which special your child has next. Students in 4th grade are on a 4-day specials rotation with Music-Art-PE-Enrichment (library and counseling lessons). M-A-P-E is the acronum for 4th graders.

Dress for a Mess

I love an organized place to work. And I love to start and end each class with a clean art studio. But in between, we will get messy. Markers, paint, ink, clay, chalk, oil pastels, glue! While many of our supplies are washable, we also regularly use permanent supplies. Smocks are available. However, accidents still happen and sometimes even a "washable" medium on the wrong fabric may stain. Please take this into consideration when your child is choosing what to wear to school on Art days. Dress for a mess!


Our focus is process over product to encourage students to take artistic risks and broaden their learning. Each of our process projects is based on the elements of art and principles of design. Throughout the year, projects include drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpting, collage, fiber art, and digital art. Projects are often theme-based, drawing inspiration from nature, historical and contemporary artworks and artists, and our personal stories. Within each theme, students enjoy choice and creative freedom for their unique creative expression.

Throughout the year, student artwork will be on exhibit in the main hallway of BCE.

Each student will save their work in their portfolio over the school year. This gives students an opportunity to reflect on their progress and inspire future projects. It also saves their masterpieces from being crumpled into their backpacks when coming home. Portfolios for the year will be sent home in mid-May. However I know that parents are excited to see the art their child creates. I use an online digital gallery, Artsonia, so you can view your child's projects soon after completion. If your child was at BCE last year, their same Artsonia account carries forward with them year to year. If your child is new to BCE this year, you will receive an email from Artsonia a few weeks after school starts with information to set up your account.

Each quarter, the specials team will send a newsletter with what we've learned and what's on the horizon.

Talk about it

The seven elements of art — line, shape, color, texture, form, space, and value are our tools and art language. We will begin learning about the elements of art the first week of school and weave the vocabulary into all projects throughout the year. Asking your child how they used different elements of art in their projects is a great conversation starter and bridges the home-school connection for their learning. In addition to the elements of art, the principles of design — emphasis, pattern, movement, contrast, balance, proportion, and unity are the ways we organize the elements of art in each project.

Wish List

Parent Volunteers

If you are interested in helping in the Art Studio, please complete this form. I will contact you as needs arise.