Kavita Karandikar

8th Grade Science and IPC


‚ÄčI am super excited to be your Science teacher this year.

I believe that the only way to learn science is to do science. This year our science class will include many labs, critical thinking problems, projects and other activities.


Name: Kavita Karandikar

Room # 306

E-mail: kkarandikar@eanesisd.net

Phone 512-732-9240 (32709)

Class Schedule

  1. Science 8
  2. PreAP IPC
  3. PreAP IPC
  4. Team
  5. Science 8
  6. PLC
  7. Science 8

Wildcat Time


8:00-8:25 (Tue, Wed, Thu)

Lunch tutoring by Appointment only