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Janeen Bailey

Room #55



I've been an Austinite since 1997. I wasn't born in Austin, but I got here as soon as I could. I have three gorgeous children; Rachel, who lives with her family in Sulphur Springs, is the mother of my six year old grandson, Max. My other daughter, Michaelyn, lives with her family in Cedar Park with my six year old granddaughter, Maddie, and my son, Jaxon, who graduated UT and is now living in Japan and teaching english. I currently have one classroom pets. Scaler the snake that lives in my classroom..


As a child, I played school with my next door neighbor, Dee Dee, who was younger and could not go to kindergarten with me. Everyday I came home and taught her whatever I had learned that day. Dee Dee went on to be accepted at a school for gifted and talented children and later on, home schooled her own children based on our successful model. So my teaching career started VERY early. I went on, as an adult, to teach everything from quilting to applied economics, although it was quite some time before I got to Texas State to be formally educated and certified. I had volunteered and done field work on other campuses in the Austin area, but I was thrilled to be assigned to Forest Trail for my student teaching. Once here (in teacher heaven), there was no getting me to leave. I took over a classroom in the fall of 2006 and spent the next eight years teaching fourth grade. This is my second year teaching second grade and I am thrilled to be here.