Gary stein


ASL 1 and ASL 4

Room: NGC 219


Phone: 512-333-0015

Class Schedule

1st Period ASL 1

2nd Period ASL 1

3rd Period ASL 4

4th Period Lunch

5th Period Conference

6th Period ASL 1

7th Period ASL 1

8th Period ASL 1

Student Assistance

ASL Tutorials

Wednesdays - during your ASL class period

For before or after school hours, email your ASL teacher to schedule tutoring.

Hello! I'm thrilled to be entering my 19th year of teaching, and I'm excited to be a part of this incredible team at Westlake High School! I have a Bachelor of Science in Business Management at Gallaudet University (1993) and a Master of Science in Deaf Education from McDaniel College (1997). Since 1998, I have been teaching at Texas School for the Deaf ranging from Preschool to Transitional Program. In addition, I have taught American Sign Language in secondary schools and private organizations.

American Sign Language is my primary language as I came from a large deaf family (parents, brothers, aunt, cousins, nephews, and nieces) and ASL was the primary communication mode at home. I grew up in the small town of Woodbridge, Connecticut and have lived in Austin since 1994. I have three teenagers, Niko (24), Trei (18) and Jolé (17). Both Niko and Trei are Deaf and are the proud members of the 3rd Deaf generation in our family tree. We have three dogs Bella, Zoe, and Abby.

I am excited to teach American Sign Language to your son or daughter, and share with them its rich history and culture!


DEAFELICIOUS - a tasteful sign of culture that is seen not heard