EISD Credit by Exam

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Thank you for visiting the EISD Credit by Exam Parent Portal. The following pages will provide guidance, forms and information to help you navigate the Credit by Exam process. This site provides the CBE process for each school level: Elementary, Middle and High School.

General Information:

There are two types of Credit by Exams: CBE for Acceleration WITHOUT Prior Instruction and CBE WITH Prior Instruction.

Elementary and Middle school courses are eligible for CBE to accelerate WITHOUT prior instruction.

High School courses are eligible for both CBE WITHOUT prior instruction for Acceleration or a CBE WITH prior instruction for credit recovery purposes.

By state law, all districts will offer Credit by Exam (without prior instruction) four times per year (once per quarter).

A CBE without prior instruction must be completed prior to the first day of school in which the student would normally take the course.

Historically, each year less than 10% of Eanes ISD students meet the passing standard for acceleration of a course or grade-level. Accelerating a course or grade-level through CBE typically does not provide the foundations and depth of instruction that a full year course taken at any Eanes ISD campus would provide. CBE may not prepare students for the rigor and expectations for future courses taken in Eanes ISD.

2019-2020 Credit by Exam Dates

December 6, 2019- On Campus

(Deadline to register November 15, 2019)

March 6, 2020- On Campus

(Deadline to register February 7, 2020)

June 4, 2020- District Location

(Deadline to register May 7, 2020)

July 22, 2020- District Location

(Deadline to register June 24, 2020)

*Please note that students who meet the CBE requirements for acceleration during the school year will be promoted the following school year.

EISD offers district created Credit by Exams and also utilized exams from the University of Texas and Texas Tech University.

Eanes ISD also offers local credit by exams for acceleration for students enrolled in Compacted Math 5/6, Compacted Math 6/7, Math 6 and Math 7. This includes Pre-AP courses. These exams are offered at the campus in late April through May of each school year.