Welcome to 7th Grade Science!


The 7th grade science focus is BIOLOGY or the study of LIFE! This year we will learn about all aspects of life! From the smallest unit of life (a cell) to discovering ways life can exist outside of our planet Earth and everything in between! Get ready to learn the science behind everything that makes up you and the wonderful planet we all call home! I can't wait to be your teacher!

I am also thrilled to be part of the Javalina Team! This team is made up of myself, Ms. Cutler, Ms. Moore, Ms. Jones and Ms. Predatsch!


Name: Brett Hotchkiss

Room #308

E-mail: bhotchkiss@eanesisd.net

Phone: 512-732-9240 (32212)

Conference/Teaming Period: 1st Period

PLC Period: 6th Period

Class Schedule

1st Period: Conference/Teaming

2nd Period: 7th Grade Science

3rd Period: 7th Grade Science

4th Period: 7th Grade Science

B Lunch: 12:16-12:46 PM

5th Period: 7th Grade Science

Wildcat Time: 1:47-2:08 PM

6th Period: PLC

7th Period: 7th Grade Science


Monday: 7:45-8:25 AM

Thursday: 7:45-8:25 AM

Friday: 7:45-8:25 AM

After school by appointment!