We focus on nudging the right choice-architecture, decisions, behaviors of individual, couple, family, real estate development, the central government policy of Taiwan(ROC). We would like to nudge a healthier, wealthier, and happier life for all Taiwanese. We specialize in EAP in the educational institutions, branded retailed consumer products, Taiwan governments, and development firms.

How we charge

Nudge Consulting helps you and your old houses transforming to brand new and better beings. We nudge expressive art communication, mindfulness, and problem-solving skills for optimizing your decisions. Contract of consulting agreement including Red Envelop Arrangement will send to you on an inquiry basis. This is not a business but how you encourage me to help more people.

Contact Us

Facebook: 蔡森然 Tsai Senjan(Sam)

Line ID : newagepower

上海商銀文山分行 戶名: 蔡森然

帳號: 6620 3000 0758 62

推動師編號 : 108北市中城字第C10524

營業員編號 : 109登字第362760號


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