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Fixed Wing Patrol

Eagle Sky Patrol has been conducting fixed wing aerial patrols of midstream assets since 1986. Starting out as a single pilot and Cessna, Eagle Sky Patrol has expanded to patrol over 200,000 miles of right-of-way every month. All of our FAA certified pilots are trained, tested, and Operator Qualified to each clients' standards before they ever set out to patrol.

Our fleet of aircraft is rigorously maintained and inspected ensure pilot safety and operation integrity. Pairing this with backup pilots and aircraft, Eagle Sky Patrol provides uninterrupted service to avoid any potential compliance issues to our clients' patrol services.

Today, pilots utilize advanced GPS software to give them unparalleled knowledge of a client's Right of Way (ROW). Teaming this with modern communications and photography, our clients receive the highest degree of service from our aerial patrol company all while lowering their costs and liability.

Interested in learning more or receiving an estimate for your ROW coverage? Contact Elijah at etkruse@eagleskypatrol.com to see what Eagle Sky Patrol can do for you.

Helicopter Patrols

We at Eagle Sky Patrol pride ourselves in our ability to meet all of our customers' needs as a one-stop shop. As such, we have a growing fleet of helicopters capable of performing a wide range of services.

Our primary service is to provide clients the ability to visually inspect their ROW in person. This service is essential in understanding the changes to a ROW over time and is substantially more cost effective and efficient than conducting ground patrols. It is superior to a client accompanied fixed wing patrol as well as it offers the client the ability to hover over questionable areas. Clients can also be set down briefly near a questionable section of ROW to perform inspections on valve sites etc.

Overall, a helicopter patrol of all ROW assets not less than annually should be an essential part of every midstream partners' aerial patrol program. 

Advanced Capabilties

In addition to high definition video capabilities, Eagle Sky Patrol is constantly working to develop and improve on next generation leak detection hardware to provide the most accurate picture of a client's line integrity. 

On top of pipeline ROW inspection, our helicopter fleet can conduct patrols of other energy assets such as electric transmission lines. 

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