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Latest Update: The new Easy CookBook 5

This new 60 page resource includes 28 brand new recipes and also comes with our DVD “Let’s Grow Vegetables”.

For only NZ$56.50 [Volume 5 without DVD NZ$49.50]

This DVD Lifestyle resource inspires healthy eating, exercise and the benefits of growing your own vegetables.

Originally designed for people with disabilities, learning difficulties or low literacy skills, however, Easy Cookbooks are a valuable aid to any kitchen.

Click here to view an example of this exciting new resource.

Increase Independent Living Skills

The Easy Cook Book Series and "One Step-at-a-Time" publications are produced in simple, clear and concise language.

Ideal for learning and teaching in independent living skills programs, educational settings, community language courses, occupational therapy, rehabilitation programs or children learning to cook in the home and for general use.

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Shopping Cards

Volume 2 ~ 5

NZ$14.95 per set

Convenient, glossy, two-sided shopping cards are available to complement each Volume of the Easy CookBook series. For each recipe, the card depicts a photo of the ingredients on one side and a text list of ingredients in large, easy-to-read type on the other.

You can order the cards here

One Step at a Time

More information

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One Step at a Time consists of a set of 21 attractive, 2 colour posters and a manual designed to assist support workers to teach daily living skills.