Lake Christine Fire

Public Health Information

This is a collaborative site with Eagle, Pitkin, and Garfield Public Health recommendations following the Lake Christine wildfire. Please check back as guidance will be continue to be updated as conditions change.

Increased Flood Risk due to Wildfire

Flood Insurance Information:

FEMA – Preferred Risk Policy

  • Up to 7 years of increased flood risk after wildfire even if the structure does not sit in a high risk area according to FEMA flood map.
  • Homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding.
  • All Eagle County and Basalt residents are eligible to purchase flood insurance due to the fact that both jurisdictions participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Flood insurance will cover mudflows but not landslides
    • A mudslide is a flooding condition where a river of liquid and flowing mud moves on the surface of normally dry land areas
    • A landslide occurs when a dry or wet mass of earth or rock moves downhill, but the event is not tied to a flooding event. Though a flood may trigger a landslide, damage is caused by the falling mass of rock or earth, not the water.
  • Preferred risk policy available to those not in high risk as identified on the FEMA flood map
  • 30 day wait on all new policies- exception if flooding caused by post-wildfire conditions coming from Federal Lands.
  • Flood insurance program has been reauthorized through July 31, 2018 so Congress will need to reauthorize beyond that. If reauthorization does not occur then no new policies will be issued and no existing policies will be renewed.
  • Flood insurance can be written for residential or commercial buildings. Renters can also buy a contents only policy.
  • The insurance can be issued through any insurance agent who can write property and casualty insurance in the State of Colorado

The Eagle County El Jebel office has re-opened to the public as of July 17.

MIRA (Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance) will remain at Crawford Mobile Home Park through July 19. Hours for July 17, 18 and 19 will be 12-4pm.