Eagle County Public Health

ECPHE is responsible for the day to day operations of MIRA. ECPHE, raises funds, coordinates partners, and convenes stakeholders.

Our Community Foundation

Our Community Foundation funds a full-time community connector on the MIRA bus.

Vail Health

Vail Health donated the RV that became MIRA in 2018.

ECO Transit

ECO Transit maintains, insures, stores, and drives the MIRA Bus.

Mountain Family Health Centers

Mountain Family Health Centers provides basic medical services on MIRA twice a week and dental services once a week.

Neighborhood Navigators of Eagle County

NNOEC works with MIRA to support local grassroots leadership.

Eagle County Paramedics

Eagle County Paramedics provide basic medical service son MIRA once a week.

Eagle River Valley Food Bank

ERVFB provides free, nutritious food for MIRA customers to take home.

Eagle Valley Outdoor Movement

EVOM provides family based programming around environmental stewardship in conjunction with MIRA.

Mountain Recreation

Mountain Recreation provides fitness and health education in conjunction with MIRA.