The goal of MIRA is to bring resources and services TO people. MIRA aims to serve as a single-stop, comprehensive, integrated and culturally relevant approach to resource connection and service delivery where people are at. MIRA will travel to neighborhoods, community sites and workplaces throughout Eagle County. Resources and services available on MIRA will change based on community needs and priorities. Examples of resources that will be available include basic health education and screenings, support in applying to public assistance programs, food resources, workforce development, and coordination with early childhood and physical activity programming, just to name a few. The resources and services will be provided by a wide variety of local community organizations.


  • MIRA is an acronym for Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance /Alianza de recursos interculturales móviles. Although in a different order, the words start with the same letter in both English and Spanish.
  • Mira means "vision" as in looking ahead, aiming for something in the future, future intentions. This really aligns with what MIRA is trying to do - connect people to resources and offer people support to ensure a better future.
  • The concept of an "alliance" provides a platform to feature all partners involved in the project and allows us to add new partners over time.