If you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus:

●Cough ●Fever ●Tiredness ●Headache

●Shortness of breathing ●Nauseas ●Vomiting

●Diarrhea ● Problem smelling or tasting ●Sore throat

1– Call 970-777-2800 for a testing appointment

2– You’ll be screened for testing.

3– If testing is recommended, attend your appointment alone and testing will be done quickly.

If you have difficulty breathing, go to the emergency room or call 911


MIRA: Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance

MIRA is dedicated to bringing resources and services TO the community. Dedicated staff will provide support to individuals and families through a strengths-based approach. Specific resources and services are delivered via MIRA by many local community organizations. See below for the schedule and locations for Winter 2019-2020.

MIRA has started a weekly calendar above and it is visiting different neighborhoods.

Please call 970-688-0001 or email us at ResourceBusMIRA@gmail.com for questions.