If you are experiencing symptoms of Coronavirus:

●Cough ●Fever ●Tiredness ●Headache

●Shortness of breathing ●Nauseas ●Vomiting

●Diarrhea ● Problem smelling or tasting ●Sore throat

Call Colorado Mountain Medical clinics in Vail, Avon and Eagle (970-926-6340) or at Vail Health Avon Urgent Care (970-949-6100) for a free COVID testing.

Genetic testing is free and only provided to patients with COVID-19 symptoms.

For antibody testing call Colorado Mountain Medical (970)926-6340. Only provided to patients without symptoms.


MIRA: Mobile Intercultural Resource Alliance

MIRA is dedicated to bringing resources and services TO the community. Dedicated staff will provide support to individuals and families through a strengths-based approach. Specific resources and services are delivered via MIRA by many local community organizations. See below for the schedule and locations for Summer 2020.

MIRA has started a weekly calendar above and it is visiting different neighborhoods.

Please call 970-688-0001 or email us at ResourceBusMIRA@gmail.com for questions.