Vaccine Information

Every Eagle County resident is currently eligible to register to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Residents are defined as those with a permanent mailing or physical address within Eagle County or Colorado, who have resided there for greater than 30 days, and who will be present for 30 days past their first dose of vaccine to receive a second dose; or, those who own property in Eagle County, who have resided there for greater than 30 days prior to receiving the vaccine, and who will be present for 30 days past their first dose of the vaccine to receive a second dose.

Now that I am eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, what do I do?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Vaccine

  1. I received my first dose outside of Eagle County, can I get my second dose in Eagle County? How are second doses scheduled?

  • Anyone vaccinated with Eagle County Public Health and Vail Health is automatically scheduled for their 2nd dose and made aware of that appointment date, time and location while signing up for their 1st dose.

  • If you received your first dose outside Eagle County and desire to get your second dose here, you can fill out this 2nd dose request form. Please note that filling out this form does not guarantee that Eagle County Public Health and Environment (ECPHE) will be able to provide your second dose. You can also contact Vail Health at to see if they can accommodate your request.

  • We will try to accommodate your request but there are many factors involved such as vaccine inventory and clinic dates and vaccine type and how it aligns with your needs. It is possible that a second dose could be available beyond 6 weeks from your first dose. We recommend you also reach out to other vaccine providers, including local medical providers, local grocery store pharmacies, and other county public health agencies throughout Colorado. We will reach out to you by phone, text or email if and when we are able to accommodate your request.

  1. How do you distribute “extra doses?” Can I show up at the end of a clinic to get one of the “extra doses?”

  • One of Eagle County’s goals is to vaccinate everyone eligible for the vaccine that wants to be vaccinated as quickly as we can. Therefore we will not waste a single dose, ever. If we have any extra doses in an open vial at the end of a clinic we will reach out to our long standby list of eligible individuals that have signed up on the vaccine request form, but have yet to have their name picked in a random drawing.

  • Only people with appointments will be allowed into clinics.

  • To ensure that our clinics follow COVID-19 safety protocols and are as safe as possible for those with appointments, which in some cases include individuals from our most vulnerable populations, we ask that you do not show up to clinics without an appointment. If you do arrive without an appointment we will ask that you leave.

3. How do I request a specific type of vaccine?

  • The best vaccine for you is the one available at a clinic today. With all Eagle County residents eligible to get vaccinated, there will be ongoing access to continue to check the system for upcoming clinics/available spots and different vaccine options depending on what the state has provided us (usually updated weekly).

  • Our clinic schedule each week is dependent on a weekly allocation of vaccine from the state. Since we do not know what our weekly allocation will look like we generally can only schedule clinics one week at a time.

4. How do I cancel my current appointment with Eagle County Public Health?

  • If you would like to cancel your scheduled vaccine appointment please refer to the instructions below. Canceling your appointment will allow for additional community members to receive their vaccine in a timely manner.

  • From your confirmation email, click on “Edit My Sign up” at the bottom of the email.

  • On the “Sign Me Up” page, scroll to the bottom and click on the “Delete” button.

  • On the following page click the “Yes-Delete” button to process the cancellation.

5. How do I get information on Appointments booked in Vail/with Vail Health?

  • For information on appointments that were booked in Vail or to cancel an appointment in Vail, please contact or call 970-476-2451 with questions and concerns. ECPHE can not access appointment schedules or records for appointments booked in Vail.

6. How can I get a replacement CDC card?

  • If you misplaced your CDC card after your single or 2nd dose you can request a replacement by filling out this form.

7. Where can I get my vaccine?

Learn more from the State of Colorado's FAQ Page

Other Helpful Information

    • Vaccine manufacturers for each day's clinic will be listed in the online sign up.

    • If you receive the Pfizer vaccine you must be available 21 days later to receive your booster.

    • If you receive the Moderna vaccine you must be available 28 days later to receive your booster.

    • There is no charge for the vaccine itself, whether you have insurance or not. If you sign up for a clinic at Vail Health Hospital, they will ask for you to bring your insurance card if you have one so that they may bill for the vaccine administration (staffing, supplies, etc.). If your insurance will not cover it, this cost will not be passed on to you.

    • If no appointments are available that means we are fully booked for that clinic day/location. Check back periodically as we are allocated more vaccines and schedule additional clinics.

    • Statewide frequently asked questions about the vaccine.