BELL believes all children can excel. We have high expectations for children, and provide high-quality learning opportunities that help them fulfill their potential while meeting the needs of parents and families. BELL's programs expand learning time, increase children's academic skills and self-esteem, provide healthy snacks and meals, and keep kids safe, active, and learning.

Goals & Core Essentials


BELL expands learning time to help students become scholars. We partner with schools to bring the classroom into the community, and the community into the classroom. Working with teachers, parents, and principals, we deliver programs that blend academics with hands-on enrichment activities, field trips, and service projects. Our programs are designed to achieve the following goals:

Scholars will increase their literacy and math skills.

Scholars will strengthen their self-confidence.

Scholars will improve their social skills.

Parents will become more engaged in their children's education.



The BELL After School program expands learning time during the school year to help scholars hone their academic skills and gain the confidence to engage and succeed in the school day classroom.

We work closely with principals and teachers to design and deliver an after school program that aligns with school day learning and priorities. A day at BELL After School starts with a healthy snack, followed by rigorous, small-group instruction led by certified teachers and highly-trained assistant teachers. BELL's staff use research-based curricula aligned to rigorous standards, and apply data from computer adaptive assessments to differentiate instruction according to scholars' unique learning needs.

Application for Bell’s After School Program at Eagle Academy:

The Bell Program at The Eagle Academy for Young Men is mandated for all 6th grade, but open to all Middle School scholars grade 6 – 8. Please contact Ms. Jeannie Torres for an application. Please return the application to the Bell office, attention Ms. Jeannie Torres or fax the application to: 718-466-8090. During the school year, please contact the Bell Program at 718-466-8000 ext. 2161 or 2162.

Our Bell Program Team:

Ms. Veronica Thompson, Director

Ms. Jeannie Torres

Ms. Alves, Academic Program

Ms. Browne, Community

Mr. Lannaman,

Mr. Bailey – Photography

Ms. Stephanie, Reach the world

Mr. West, Sports & Wellness

Mr. Usher, Martial Arts

Ms. Leon & Mr. Perez, We Care & Teen Action

Mr. Hamilton, Recording Studio

Ms. Alora, Dance

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