E-RIHS is the European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science that supports research on heritage interpretation, preservation, documentation and management. E-RIHS mission is to deliver integrated access to expertise, data and technologies through a standardized approach, and to integrate world-leading European facilities into an organisation with a clear identity and a strong cohesive role within the global heritage science community. 

Denmark has taken the first step to add its talents to a wider European Research Infrastructure Consortium, E-RIHS (European Research Infrastructure for Heritage Science) first joined the European roadmap in 2016. E-RIHS seeks to deliver access to expertise, data and technologies for the study and preservation of tangible cultural and natural heritage. In order to do this, E-RIHS will integrate world-leading European facilities into a platform to support the European and global heritage science community.


E-RIHS.dk joins the Danish Roadmap in 2021, becoming the first Scandinavian country to take this step. Over the next five years E-RIHS.dk intends to build upon the collaboration between museums, conservators, archaeologists and research scientists, bringing relevant and excellent innovations to the study and conservation of Danish cultural heritage. 

It will do so by establishing stronger facilities for the analysis of ancient lipids, by building a new collaboration and new facilities between the Globe Institute (Copenhagen University) and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland(GEUS), by enhancing the provision of tools for textile analysis and experimental testing at the new TexLab, Centre for Textile Research (CTR), Saxo Institute, UCPH and by supporting Summer Schools and Winter Workshops to increase communication between practicing archaeologists, conservators and heritage scientists. 


Under the umbrella of E-RIHS.dk, the Danish national node (active from 2020) of IPERION HS consortium is determined to take up the challenge outlined in the Horizon 2020 for European research infrastructures, which calls for the establishment of a unique European research infrastructure for Heritage Science.  Heritage Science draws on diverse humanities, sciences and engineering disciplines. It focuses on enhancing the understanding, care and sustainable use of heritage so it can enrich people’s lives, both today and in the future. 

IPERION HS pursues the integration of European world-class facilities to create a cohesive entity playing a leading role in the global community of Heritage Science.

The national initiative in Denmark for IPERION HS is to integrate and distribute the Danish facilities of recognized excellence in Heritage Science for trans-disciplinary culture of exchange and cooperation for the growth of the European Research Area.

E-RHIS DK @ NatArk

E-RIHS.dk: Danish Node

Matthew Collins: Coordinator of the Danish Node


E-RIHS: Insight into its Mission, Vision and Activities​​

Vania Virgili:  interim Director General of E-RIHS ERIC-to-be

Polonca Ropret:  interim Chair of Committee of National Nodes of E-RIHS ERIC-to-be