Emmetsburg Counseling Department

M.S. Lesson Plans week 23-21


The mission of the Emmetsburg Community School Comprehensive Counseling Program is to provide a developmental counseling program to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal, academic and career aspirations. The counselor works with all students, school staff, families and agencies in a proactive and preventative way to assist students in developing lifelong learning skills.


To implement the school counseling program in the Emmetsburg Community School System, the school counselor is committed to the following.

I believe:

  • All students have dignity and worth.

  • The school counseling program should be consistent with expected developmental stages of learning.

  • The school counseling program shall be managed by state-certified counselors using the proposed national and state standards as a guide for the comprehensive school counseling program.

  • The student and parent(s) are responsible for monitoring the student's educational progress with the assistance of a professional school counselor.

  • All Students can develop the skills necessary for academic success, personal growth, positive interpersonal relationships, career development and healthy choices.

  • a quality school counseling program includes counselor competency training/retraining necessary to design and implement programs that contribute to student success.


The Emmetsburg Community School Development School Counseling Program, when fully implemented will provide:

    • A school counseling program that reaches the needs of 100% of student population.

    • We agree to promote respect for each student, their individuality and the diversity they bring to our academic environment.

    • We agree to be developmental, career-oriented, and multi-culturally appropriate in meeting all students' needs, while facilitating their academic success.

    • We agree to be evaluated upon how our students are improving because of our services.

    • We agree to utilize technological and community resources to improve student success.

    • We agree to prepare students to be productive, contributing citizens who have strong work ethic, necessary for success in today's world of work.


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Kate Schiek

K-7th School Counselor

Jadyn Schutjer

8th-12th School Counselor

Miss Josie

Certified Therapy Dog