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Dysart High School's

Guidance & Counseling Department

Dysart High School Counselors are part of the Academic Team

Our mission is to assist every student in recognizing his or her potential and engage every opportunity to progress toward academic and personal success. We work with the individual student and families toward this objective. Our priority is in guiding students to discover their own passion for learning, work and life.

Dysart Unified School District’s high schools’ guidance and counseling programs are guided by the ASCA National Model framework. This model shifts attention away from what the counselor does and focuses on how students benefit from having counselors in the school. This approach provides students with the competencies they need to be successful in school, in a career, and in relationships. Counselors and staff work with all the students to facilitate successful demonstration of competencies in the Educational, Career, and Personal/Social Domains. All counselors work with students in the following areas toward these objectives:

  • Educational planning
  • Academic support
  • Post-secondary planning
  • Career guidance
  • Accountability
  • Prevention
  • Interventions
  • Ongoing student support

We hope that students and families will take advantage of all of the services that the Dysart High School Counseling Staff has to offer. We have four Guidance Counselors and a Prevention Counselor. Our staff is made up of the following individuals:

Ms. Holly Gillaspy- 9th Grade A-L ,11th Grade A-K & AVID Students

t:623-876-7517 e: holly.gillaspy@dysart.org

Mrs. Quiver - 9th Grade M-Z & 11th Grade L-Z

t: 623-876-7543 e: jennifer.quiver@dysart.org

Ms. Crystal Simons - 10th Grade A-M & 12th Grade A-L

t: 623-876-7531 e: crystal.simons@dysart.org

Mr. Basil Smith - 10th Grade N-Z, 12th Grade M-Z & All Exceptional Students

t: 623-876-7553 e: basil.smith@dysart.org

Please contact any of the Guidance and Counseling Staff to assist you with any questions or concerns that you have.

We are available on school days from 7:00 am until 2:30 pm at the Guidance Office of Dysart High School. Please contact us by phone or email. If you are not able to reach us by phone, please leave a voice message, or email us.

Open Position-Administrative Assistant for Counseling

t:623-876-7513 e:

Mrs. Sherrie Klemmetson-Registrar

t: 623-876-7522 e: sherrie.klemmetson@dysart.org

Ms. Diane Kuzmyn -Data Records

t: 623-876-7577 e: diane.kuzmyn@dysart.org

We look forward to working with you throughout this school year!