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How to Choose Your Instrument

1. Are you coordinated?

    • If you are, some good choices might be flute, clarinet, saxophone, or percussion.

2. Do you like to be the center of attention?

    • If you do, some good instrument choices might be percussion, saxophone, or trumpet.
    • If you don't, some good options might be clarinet or flute.

3. Can you hear and parrot correct pitches?

    • If you can, a good choice might be any brass instrument, especially trombone.
    • If you cannot, a good choice might be a woodwind instrument including flute, saxophone, or clarinet.

4. Can you keep a steady beat even when others do not?

    • If you can, a good choice might be percussion or low brass.
    • If you cannot, a good choice might be clarinet or flute.

5. Have you studied piano? (Taken private lessons)

    • If you have, any instrument is a great choice, especially percussion
    • If you haven't, any instrument is a great choice except for percussion.

What Instruments Can I Choose?

Instrument choices for beginners include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and percussion. If you are interested in percussion, you must pass a proficiency test. We are limited to 5 percussion students.

How do I get an Instrument?

Once your student has passed a proficiency test, and has chosen their instrument you have several options:

1. Rent: In August, there will be a Rental Night. This will be an opportunity for all families to get all of their materials including an instrument, a book, and any accessories you may need. You will also be able to rent online through

2. Use an instrument you already own: Any band instrument, in good working condition will work . If you are unsure, you can always ask Mrs. Forest.